Antoinette – Lunch

For fans of Antoinette, you may want to note that they have opened at Palais Renaissance. The crowd on a Saturday afternoon was subtle and there was no queue at all, unlike Mandarin Gallery’s.

I love the floral centrepiece.

The prices on the menu have increased significantly compared to when they first started so I thought I should update my blog with the latest pricing.

Salade Lyonnaise – $16.50++

The dressing of this salad was kind of sour. The croutons were reeking of butter smell, in a way that I didn’t like. It was hard rather than crunchy too. Overall I do not really recommend this.

Pan-fried Foie Gras – $28.00++

Actually this whole portion seems enough for a small eater. I regret getting the Salade Lyonnaise as this comes with an enough amount of salad too. The foie gras was alright, but I would refer it seared instead of fried like this.

Gnocchi Carbonara – $22.50++

I like this carbonara because I like the gnocchi but I felt the gnocchi itself it was better at Penhas’ outlet somehow.

To end the meal we had a pot of tea each. They have a policy that teas are not for sharing, which in my opinion is very lame.

I still like Antoinette though, for the nice furnishing and alright food.


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