Imperial Treasure Teochew Cuisine – Dinner

I’ve had lunch here many times, but it was my first time here for dinner.

As no dim sum is available for dinner, my dining partner and I weren’t really sure what to pick. The mistake of the night was to allow the staff to recommend us some dishes.

Braised Goose Liver – $20.00++

This is supposedly a daily special and is not in the menu. The staff recommended this to us, without stating any price. When I heard the word ‘braised’, I had my doubts as I typically am not a fan of braised food and goose liver should only be pan seared in my opinion, and wasn’t very keen actually, but since she recommended it my dining partner and I decided to give it a try.

It wasn’t nice. The liver was cooked through and it wasn’t creamy, and in fact, sort of dry. The flavour was lacking too, only having the flavour from the braised sauce. It tastes like typical Chinese braised organs. I personally will not recommend this at all, unless you really like braised organs. This is cooked in a traditional Chinese way not the modern Chinese way so I suppose this is what you should expect.

Char Siew – $12.00++

This was quite nice but probably not the best in Singapore. There is a higher ratio of rind to flesh for this and you get a waxier texture rather than a meaty texture for each piece of char siew here.

Soup of the day – $6.00++

We had a bowl of soup each. It was like a barley soup with some herbs and chicken. Not bad, quite flavourful and it’s towards the salty side.

Roast Pork – $9.00++

As mentioned several times on this blog, the roast pork here is the best in Singapore. A must try!

盐水豆腐 – $5.30++

I had this during lunch the previous time and I liked it so I ordered it again. I felt that it was more salty this time. The texture is the same though, which I liked, which was a very thin crispy layer on the outside and soft on the inside.

Stewed Egg Plant with Minced Meat – $12.00++

I remember having something similar at Imperial Treasure Nan Bei and it was good so I thought I could find it here too. When we were about to order this, the staff urged us to get another version with crabmeat with cost $20.00++. We still stuck to having this because we felt that crabmeat wasn’t necessary. Anyway, the version here is slightly different from what was served at Nan Bei. I Think I preferred Nan Bei’s over this one! But this wasn’t bad either.

Taro Paste with Gingko and Pumpkin

This has got to be one of the best Taro Paste in Singapore. I decided not to get one for myself because the calories in a single portion are alarming.

Almond Cream

Unlike the typical creamy almond cream, their version is more watery but I actually liked it! They call it 杏仁茶. The almond taste was very fragrant and the milk was rather smooth. Almond is a beauty food so I feel less guilt having this.


Between lunch and dinner, I would recommend coming for lunch as you get more options to choose from as they serve dim sum. The best egg tarts in town are only served during lunch and it is pity I couldn’t have them today.


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