The Dining Room – Buffet Dinner

Not to be confused with another restaurant of the same name, the restaurant I’m referring to is the restaurant at Sheraton Towers Hotel.

The hotel is very accessible as it is next to Newton MRT station, along Scotts Road.

There is a promotion every Wednesdays for women, where all women are entitled to 50% off the buffet dinner price, so for women it cost only $29.00++!

I am no fan of buffets, but there were oysters so I thought it’d be good value, hence I decided on having this.

I kind of regret not snapping up the oysters because I was like the first diner to hit the spread when I arrived at 6:45pm. Subsequently the entire premises were filled with diners. I have to say that the ambience was quite lovely, with high ceilings and a waterfall outside. It’s quite a grand hotel, albeit old.

The chef in charge of sashimi slicing has terrible cutting skills too. At very basic the slices should be separated but he sort of failed at doing that.

Nevertheless, the salmon sashimi was fresh and fatty so that’s good. There was also tamago, maguro and tako, which sadly, wasn’t good. The maguro looked fresh but it was very dry somehow.

But anyway salmon is my favourite so I happily had seconds of it.

The salad counter is not as extensive as I’d like it to be but I’m glad there was baby spinach. They didn’t label their salad dressings and I found it quite hard to decide which to use. They had several toppings and I was pleasantly surprised to see buffalo mozzarella. The smoked salmon on the other hand, was unfresh.

It is my first time eating bread at buffets because I usually don’t but I was on the search for the perfect bread, like the one I had at Bistro Du Vin.

Thankfully, there was a particular bun which was exactly what I wanted! And of course, the breads moved really slowly and there was plenty for me. I regret having only 3 of them. The crust was crisp but not the hard baguette type and the insides were so soft and fluffy. It also has some grains inside. They provided Lurpak butter which is one of the best butter brands you can find at local supermarkets.

The highlight of this buffet has to be the seafood selection.

The tiger prawns were fresh, huge and succulent so prawn lovers are in luck. However, among the 3 I picked, there was 1 which sort of ruined it all. It was small, crumply and just not fresh, so pick your prawns carefully.

I only managed to get 3 oysters tonight, and luckily they were all very fresh and tasty, but seeing other tables with aunties having several dozens of fat succulent oysters, I can’t help but feel short-changed. The oysters at the buffet spread were really snapped up within moments and they really could be more efficient when dealing with the situation.


The choices for the hot food however, was kind of boring to me I kind of skipped it all. Some examples are roast beef and lamb kebab.

I headed for the desserts next. There was a waffle station which made pretty good waffles! The ice cream was fine but not the best brand around.

I didn’t have any of the cakes as I was full. I tried the tiramisu though, but the fingers seemed to be totally not soaked with alcohol and the flavour didn’t appeal to me overall.

There was chocolate fondue too but I felt that the chocolate wasn’t of very good quality, comparing to Equinox and The Line.

There was a froyo machine which I was looking forward to using but it broke down just when I was about to get a serving.


Overall, this buffet is not those to die for buffet, but just one where you can go to for your fresh oyster and salmon sashimi fix. It is one of the cheapest dinner buffets around which have fresh oysters! And do try the bread I recommended, if you like breads! It was really something I miss right now!

From this buffet, I learnt that it is not true that there will always be enough to go around. The service wasn’t up to expectations as refill of my warm water was VERY slow and I had to prompt them all the time. What’s worse was that the buffet spread was replenished VERY slowly. I can’t help but wonder whether they did it on purpose to cut costs.


Ambience: 8/10

Service: 6/10

Variety: 6/10

Food: 7/10 (freshness of the raw food was fine, but the cooked food was not very appealing)

Value: 8/10 (with 50% discount)

Overall: a lot of hits & misses for this, but overall my objectives of fresh sashimi salmon and oysters were kind of met so that’s good. The great bread and waffles made it quite a full meal too. But if there’s no discount, I’d say its not worth it.


The Dining Room

39 Scotts Road

GF Sheraton Towers



Tel: 6839562


Dinner: 6:30pm – 10pm


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