Trattoria L’Operetta – Lunch

I have found the best pizza in Singapore today. But pizza i am referring to authentic Italian pizza, not the American sort that most Singaporeans are used to.

They currently are running a promotion for their Margherita Pizza at only $5 instead of the usual $16!

This is their usual menu.

We were served a basket of bread and breadsticks. The bread was the typical Italian bread. The breadsticks were salted on the outside and it was crispy. Quite nice, but I didn’t have too many as I want to save space for the pizza!

Calamari – $15.00++

Squid Napolean Tempura

We also had a portion of Calamari. The batter was tempura flour and it was crispy and good. The squid was quite fresh and the balance of chewy and soft was just right.

Margherita Pizza -$5.00++ (UP $16.00++)

Tomato sauce, mozzerlla, basil, parmasen

The pizzas here are VPN certified, and is so far the only one in Singapore. They have other outlets too.

The pizzas are supposedly cooked in a 400 Celsius wood fire oven for not more than 90secs. The outcome is the best pizza i ever had! Possibly the best $5 I have spent all year.

The base is meant to be soft and slightly chewy, and I find it to be something like indian naan, but thinner. The basil was so fragrant, that even though there were only a few pieces it was enough. You just have to try it for yourself to know what I mean.

I repeat – if you prefer American pizza, this is really not for you!

My dining partner added Salami on top of this for an additional $7.00++

We both had difficulties finishing it as the portion of 1 whole pizza and half a starter, plus the bread, was a too much for 1. I would say 1 pizza is enough to feed 1. We both tried to finish anyway, because it was good.

I definitely would want to try other flavours next time!


Ambience: 7/10

Food: 10/10 (best pizza)

Value: 10/10 (with the discount, 7/10 without)

Overall: for authentic pizza lovers, this is a MUST TRY.


Trattoria L’Operetta

244 Tanjong Katong Road

Singapore 437032

Tel: 64409322


Lunch: Mon, Wed-Sun 12:00pm-3:00pm

(2:30pm last order)

Dinner: Mon, Wed-Sun


(10:00pm last order)


(9:30pm last order)

*Closed on Tuesdays


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