Little Ice Cream Kafe (LICK) – Ice Cream

What better way to end of a meal than having some ice cream? There are several ice cream shops around the vicinity of Tanjong Katong and I decided to try LICK today since I’ve never tried it before.

For Monday, they have a “free 1 mix in” promotion. The usual price of mix in is $0.90.

I was surprised to see that this café is not little at all, contrary to its name. The area was very large and they divided it into several sections, each having a different style of furnishing, as seen above.

They have a cold plate to prepare the mix in, but it wasn’t anything fancy, unlike Cold Stone creamery. The selection of mix in ingredients were quite limited too.

Bandung, Pistachio, Vanilla

Each single scoop cost $3.50.

Mine was the Vanilla and to be honest, I wasn’t really satisfied with the taste. I chose marshmallows for the mix in and it was the drier type, like the kind you would find in cereal, and I found that it was quite good.


I had a second serving since my vanilla ice cream wasn’t that good. This oreo was better, but still, I wouldn’t say it was very special.

We also had a pot of tea to drink. They serve a small selection of TWG tea bags in pots.

I would say that the ice cream here is not very fantastic. For example, certain flavours had the crusty icy texture within it, instead of being smooth and creamy. However, it is enough to satisfy the objective of slacking after a meal. I like how the place was big and rather quiet, making it conducive for just hogging the seats and enjoying ice cream and tea. For this trait, I would definitely return. Of course, the ice cream at Udders or Tom’s Palette are better, but the environment at those shops are not as cozy and relaxing as LICK.


Ambience: 7/10

Food: 6.5/10

Value: 6.5/10

Overall: not the best ice cream but a good place to relax


Little Ice Cream Kafe

258 Tanjong Katong Road

Singapore 437046

Tel: 64408526


Sun – Thurs:

1pm – 11pm

Fri – Sat:

1pm – 12am


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