Honeymoon Dessert

I randomly passed by this shop at the basement of 112 Katong, and noticed a long queue. With a long queue, it is not surprising that I ended up in the queue as well. The turnover rate was quite fast and soon I was seated and ordering.

After trying my dessert and realising how nice it was, I went to check the background (and the name of the shop. I actually went in without knowing) and found out that this was a chain hailing from Hong Kong! No wonder it attracted a crowd and was so good.

Almond Tea – $3.20

I always have either sesame paste and almond paste, or both. I prefer it alone, not mixed together. I decided on almond tea after long consideration. If I wasn’t that full to start with, I would have opted for both. This one is really nice, really smooth! The almond flavour was very fragrant too. It was comparable to the one I had at Imperial Treasure Teochew Cuisine. I actually prefer almond tea to almond cream, as the low viscosity texture is more pleasing to me, but if given no choice I guess I can deal with almond cream too.

Sesame Paste – $3.20

I returned for sesame paste on another occasion. This has got to be one of the best sesame pastes I know of! I used to really like the one at Ji De Chi (People’s Park and along one of the shophouses at Chinatown), but it’s been long since I last tried theirs. Prior to this, I had my sesame pastes from random hawker centres, and they were terrible. They were normally oily, too watered down (or rather, lacking the sesame flavour), and too bland. This one had the sweetness and texture I desire and lives up to it’s status of being their signature!


Ambience: 6/10

Food: 8/10

Value: 7.5/10

Overall: rather than spending $1.50 – $2 on random and lacklustre desserts, I would rather pay $3.20 for a good bowl of sesame and almond paste. I really look forward to my next visit where I aim to try their baked taro and sago or mango desserts!


Honeymoon Dessert

112 East Coast Road


Katong Mall



Tel: 6636 3070




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