Bali Thai – Dinner

I seldom visit chain restaurants, so this post is quite an exception. My dining partner requested to have Bali Thai so I went along.

The menu offers both Indonesian and Thai cuisine, hence the name Bali Thai. With such concept, one can start doubting the standards since it’s not that focused. The price range is higher than usual as well, with usual being Thai Express, which is pretty benchmark in standards and price.

Thai Fish Cakes – $3 each (minimum order of 2)

My usual favourite at thai restaurants is the fish cake. It was quite nice, not too soggy. I wouldn’t mind having this again.

Indonesian Chicken Paggang – $7.50++

I decided to try the Indonesian chicken for my ‘main’ dish. The charcoal smell was evident, which is good that they used charcoal, but generally this chicken was rather dry and lacking flavour. They did not provide any BBQ sauce to go with it for more flavour, nor any matching chilli sauce. The version at NUS’s engineering canteen was much better, much to my dismay. I do not recommend this. I should have went for my Thai Chicken Basil instead. The portion of this was not small at all, and my meal of just this chicken and 2 fish cakes made me super full!

Tom Yum with Seafood – $12.80++

This was not my order but I tried some. The tom yam here is quite different from other places. They have several layers of flavours. It was sour, spicy, salty and sweet. The main difference, I concluded, is that it was distinctively sweeter than others I have tried and it contains mussels. This could be probably because Bali Thai sells Indonesian food, hence catered to the Indonesian/ Malay crowd, so the Thai food comes with some Indonesian/Malay food influence to suit their taste buds. It was also obviously spicy as well, the sort that would burn in the stomach. While it was not bad, I wouldn’t order this because it was overpriced and I prefer clear tom yum soup anytime.

Fried Red Snapper – $24.00++

My dining partner ordered a whole fish. It was too much to finish, obviously. I am no fan of fried fish, as I like my fish to be smooth and soft in texture, rather than dry and tough. It was quite ordinary in my opinion.

Mango Sticky Rice – $4.80++

Even though we were full, we still had a mango sticky rice to share. I would just say this isn’t one of the best, as the rice was on the mushy side rather than sticky, they didn’t have the fried rice grains, and the mango wasn’t sweet enough. Comparing to the rest of the overpriced menu, this item wasn’t priced too high though.


Ambiance: 7/10

Food: 7/10

Value: 6.5/10

Overall: with many good Thai restaurants to choose from, I wouldn’t recommend Bali Thai since it is quite overpriced for Thai/ Indonesian food.


Bali Thai

112 Katong

112 East Coast Road


Singapore 428802

Tel: 6636 3877


11.30am – 10.00pm


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