Rama Thai Sharksfin Restaurant – Dinner

For those unaware, this is not actually a Thai restaurant, but more of a Chinese restaurant, based on Thai Teochew cuisine. Like their fellow counterpart, Thai Village, the speciality here is their Sharksfin soup and baked crab with vermicelli. I guess those are the stereotype dishes of Thai Teochew cuisine. You don’t come here to have pineapple rice and tom yam soup.

Located in the ground floor of a shop house along Tanjong Pagar road, this restaurant has a history of over a decade, and I could see that from the interior, which looks quite dated. The interior is very small, unlike most Chinese restaurants occupying only one unit.

Their age is apparent from the patrons too, which seems to be office workers, large families, and not so young adults. You probably won’t see any young people stepping in as this is obviously not a food choice for the younger generation as they would probably rather flock to the numerous Korean BBQ restaurants nearby instead.

Possibly my favourite part of Thai Teochew food – the green chilli sauce! However, I preferred the one from Thai Village, even though this one was not bad too.

They have several promotions going on, including a 7 course dinner for only $28.00++/pax (min 4 pax). It includes a bowl of their signature sharksfin soup (just a small bowl) and their baked crab (original size), so that’s quite a good value. There’s also a $38.00++ set which comes with different dishes.

However, as the objective today was to have the sharksfin in full size, we opted for the 6 course $248.00++ set for 4 pax. It comes with a small sized claypot sharksfin which would otherwise cost $36.00++/ bowl.

Braised Whole Sharksfin with Crabmeat (Individual Claypot)

Indeed, the sharksfin didn’t disappoint. I have yet to try the one from Thai Village so I can’t be sure which is better. The amount of sharksfin in here is quite substantial.

Baked Whole Crab with Vermicelli

This crab was quite big and the quality was good! The crab meat was firm and tasty.

I could actually remove the shell with the whole claw intact. Look how big that claw is!

However, this cooking method of crab isn’t exactly my favourite. Luckily there was green chilli sauce to save it all.

Rama Thai Signature Prawn Cakes

Unlike the prawn cake I recently had at Jai Thai, this one was choke full of crunchy prawns and had minimal flour. It was better than Jai Thai’s.

Fried Sliced Fish with Ginkgo Nuts

There was only 4 slices of fish here so the portion was quite pathetic. In addition, the fish was tough and didn’t taste very fresh.

Fried Toh Miaw with Garlic

As average as a plate of veggies can get.

Red Ruby

I didn’t like the abundance of coconut milk here, thus this wasn’t very enjoyable for me.


Ambiance: 6/10

Food: 6.5/10

Value: 6/10

Overall: the sharksfin was good but for the rest, I’d say it’s very normal


Rama Thai Sharksfin Restaurant

81 Tanjong Pagar Road

Singapore 088502


Tel: 62226626


Lunch: 11:30am – 2:30pm

Dinner: 6:00pm – 10:00pm


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