Aoki – Lunch II

After a long year, I’m finally back at Aoki.

Otoshi – $3.00++

This is a compulsory appetiser for ever diner.

Tomato – $10.00+

The price of this tomato is 50 times of what you pay from normal tomatoes. However, it is definitely 100 times better. It is juicy, not as sour, not as bland and every part of the rind even is bursting with sweet juices. Dipping into the salt provided can add some grainy texture to it.

Mazechirashi – $35.00++

The price includes salad, miso soup and dessert.

The only complaint about this is that the pieces are chopped up too much to enjoy the textures of the fish, and in a single mouth you may have several different types in each bite which makes it confusing to the palate, but I must say that everything was super fresh and they went rather well together. There was uni, ikura, toro, tako, tamago, maguro and possibly yellow tail as well. The tamgo here is not the rolled type (as served in the sushi set), but the custard sort. I definitely wouldn’t mind having this again, and this could easily be the best chirashi don ever. It was super filling for a non carb eater like me, and I couldn’t finish the rice.

The prawn head infused miso soup could easily be my favourite miso soup as well.

Our meal ended in a sweet note with the trio of desserts. Sake jelly, red bean ice cream and sesame pudding. My dining partner and I loved the sesame pudding. It is interesting how they provided a pink origami paper with a matching pink spoon for females, and blue for males.

For my previous review about Aoki:


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