La Cantina in Venezia – Dinner

With the lack of a guaranteed good Italian restaurant for pasta, we decided to try out La Cantina because of their famous crab linguine.

Their selection of wine was not wide so my dining partner ordered a glass of house pour Merlot. One sniff and sip of it I could guess it was from Chile and indeed it was. It wasn’t awful so I guess the wine here is drinkable.


We were prepared to ordered Caprese but the waiter listed a few items under the daily special list (not in the menu) and this was one of them. He said that Burrata is softer than Buffalo mozzarella (in Caprese). Indeed, it was! It was so soft and squishy like scrambled egg whites. The parma ham and tomato were nothing sort of delicious too. The whole combination was perfect and I would really like to have this again.

Vongole Al Vino Bianco – $18.50++

We had this one under the appetizer list, because we didn’t want to have the pasta version. It was not to best and the broth tasted kind of weird to me, which I can’t explain why.

Linguine Al Granchio – $29.90++

This is their famous crabmeat linguine. The price has increased I suppose, and is quite a premium to pay. The linguine seems home made and I liked the texture, and overall it is rather good, but the con is that it is too creamy. I would prefer if they had more tomato sauce in the sauce. In fact, I think Galbiati has better sauce for the crabmeat linguine, just that the crabmeat tastes better here. I also wish they served smaller portions for a lower price, because that’s just too much to eat for some people (like me) and it’s all carbs.


Ambiance: 7/10

Food: 7.5/10

Value: 7/10

Overall: I like the burrata more than the famous crabmeat linguine, surprisingly. Not the best Italian restaurant.


La Cantina in Venezia

Changi Village Hotel

1 Netheravon Road


Singapore 508502


Tel: 6546 9190


Tue to Fri: 11am to 3pm and 6pm till Late

Weekends: 11am till Late


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