Bistro Du Vin – Dinner II

It is Restaurant Week once again! After experiencing Restaurant Week in NYC, the Restaurant Week in Singapore sort of lost its appeal to me. Most of the good restaurants come with an additional charge ($40 for lunch, which is often more than what their original lunch cost. Doesn’t make sense. And $55 for dinner.) and the seats are limited where you got to snap them up online. In NYC, Restaurant Week is more than just a week, and the menu is available to diner, not just a limited number. They also do not have the additional charges and all restaurants are $24.07+ for lunch and $35.00+ for dinner. After going through the list of restaurants, I decided on Bistro Du Vin once again! I went there for the previous instalment of restaurant week.

The experience was very pleasant once again, with the same cons being the very noisy environment (with a lack of noise control facilities like softer walls or less human density within the confined space), the bread being not as fluffy, soft and addictive anymore and the wine being not that pleasant.

The 3 course + coffee/tea menu cost $35.00++. I like that they give choices.

We got a bottle of 2009 Chateau Coutet Saint Emilion ($84.00++) to go along with our meal. Alone, the wine wasn’t that good. It was probably too young.

Pan Seared Foie Gras with Pickled Eggplant and onion

The appetiser was a no brainer for me. Pan seared foie gras is always my favourite, and Bistro Du Vin is one of my favourite places for it. I found that this went very well with the wine I had. I slowly enjoyed this with my wine.

Braised Beef Cheek in Red wine

This is a scaled down portion of the original serving. Still, it is more than enough. After all the wine, foie gras and bread, I was almost full by the time this arrived. The mashed potato given here was with truffle oil and it tasted amazingly good! It has got to be one of the best mashed potatoes around.

I realised that for Restaurant Week, many restaurants offer beef cheek in their menu. I’m guessing it’s because it’s sort of like a stew, which can be cooked beforehand and in bulk, making it easier for mass production. In my first ever restaurant week in 2011, we had beef cheeks 3 times! Anyway, Bistro Du Vin’s beef cheeks are one of the better ones out there. I would probably enjoy it more if I wasn’t already full and light headed on wine.

Fine Apple Tart

Actually, I was after the vanilla ice cream rather than the tart, because I was already full and apple tart isn’t really my thing. The apples were too sweet for my liking. The ice cream was rich and creamy, and when it melts it melts into a thick cream rather than a milky fluid.

Banana Crumble

My dining partner requested to have this instead and the restaurant kindly agreed to this request. He had it during the previous restaurant week and remembered it was the best dessert ever. it’s a pity for me because I happen to be anti banana.

Overall, the food at Bistro Du Vin is still something I would recommend and would have again! However, I do not recommend it for big groups and people who wish to have a gathering and stuff because it is not a conducive environment to chat at all.

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