Food for Thought – Cakes

It was a fine afternoon (actually, 36 degree Celsius is far from my definition of fine) and I was craving to have a good cup of tea. Or simply, any tea. I was in Bras Basah and Food for Thought was right around the corner, making it the perfect choice.

Carrot Cake – $6.00+

I remembered how their Red Velvet cake was and decided to have it again. However, I had company and decided to order something which the both of us would prefer instead and decided to have this. The cake itself was rather dry and crumbly, so those looking for soft and moist carrot cakes, this is not for you. Also, the cake itself was not sweet at all, so combined with the cream cheese frosting; the overall sweetness was perfect, unless you have a super sweet tooth. Even though the cream cheese layer looks overkill being almost as thick as the cake, it is actually not that scary as the frosting itself wasn’t sickeningly sweet. It is subtly sweet packed with the tanginess of cream cheese. I suggest eating it together with the cake as it balances out just right since sweetness is only present in the cream. This is a good idea, and I shall try this the next time I bake carrot cake – to eliminate sweetness in the cake.

Pink Rose Bud – $8.00+

For teas by the cup, they have twinnings I think. For teas by the pot, they serve 1872 Clipper Tea teas. One pot is good enough for 2 to share. This tea was more than what I asked for. The rose buds were so fragrant and it has some subtle sweetness to it. I would order this again anytime. It’s a pity that I do not know where I can purchase this tea bag!


Ambiance: 7/10

Food: 8/10

Value: 8/10

Overall: the cakes are above average and the tea is good. the prices are friendly too!


Food For Thought

8 Queen Street

Tel: 6338 9887


Mon – Sat: 9am  to 10pm

Sun: 9am to 9pm


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