Jai Thai II – Dinner

This is actually my third time, but I didn’t update about the second when I went to Purvis Street’s outlet.

Appetiser Platter (small) – $7.00++

I had this my myself as I didn’t want any rice set, but I wanted variety. I like the fish cake the most, but the size of it was pathetically small! It was the size of a small cookie, like oreo size. The springroll was served piping hot inside, and was rather crispy on the outside. However, it wasn’t as perfect crispy as the one from Nakhon Kitchen. The filling was the turnip sort, but I also noticed clear vermicelli. The fried beancurd was nothing special. As for the prawn cake, it tasted pretty normal, like any other prawn cakes.

Basil fried beef (small) – $5.00++

I would think this is too watery and they didn’t add enough basil. Other than that, it was mighty fine.

Pineapple rice set – $8.80++

Olive rice set – $8.80++

The individual set comes with a choice of drink and jelly for dessert.

Mango Sticky Rice – $4.50++

This is proof that they are really inconsistent. The mango sticky rice was served without crispy rice bits this time, and the rice wasn’t as tasty.

From all 3 experiences, I conclude that Jai Thai isn’t a place for consistency. However, the only consistent thing is how wallet friendly they are, which is probably why they used it as their tagline. A filling dinner for 3 only amounted up to $37+, which is about $12.50 per pax. The service was very slow today, much slower than my previous visits and I don’t think it is because of too many orders, but too few staff. However, all the food I received was served piping hot – the kind where it is too hot to eat initially. At least they didn’t serve mass cooked food to keep up with the orders.

For my previous visit: https://hungryinsingapore.wordpress.com/2012/03/25/jai-thai-dinner/


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