Edge – Dinner Buffet

I have been to this restaurant twice – once when their introductory price of $55++ was still valid, and one when the normal price of $58++ was in place. The difference is not big anyway.

The buffet restaurant on the 3rd floor of Pan Pacific Singapore is super big. The seating area looks as if it can accommodate a few hundreds, more than other buffet restaurants I’ve been to, and the buffet spread is quite massive too. The thing that drew me back was that the food was actually pretty decent for buffet standards!

The Spread:

Drinks – Gryphon Tea, Coffee and 4 cold drinks are available as part of the buffet. Wines and other stuff are available with extra cost.

Salad – a selection of DIY salad ingredients are available, as well as premixed salads. There’s a chef behind the station so I guess you could ask for assistance if required. There’s also a DIY rojak section, as well as grilled-to-order sausage and meat.

Seafood – oysters, prawns, crab, scallops

Japanese – tuna, swordfish, salmon and octopus sashimi, assorted sushi and soba

Local – Chinese noodles and roasted meat, Malay satay, Chilli/ Black Pepper Crab with fried bun, Indian curries and naan/ prata

Western – main courses of chicken, fish, beef, pork, duck, lamb, squid, mussels (and some I might have missed out), risotto cooked on the spot (includes pasta if you request), quiche, soup and bread, pizza

Cheese – assorted cheese, toppings, crackers, duck pate, mushroom pate, smoked salmon, smoked duck

Fruits – assorted fruits



Crepe and Waffle station


What I had:


These were good! Choose the fat and plump looking ones and they’ll be creamy and succulent.


Generally, the sashimi was very ordinary. Not among the above average category for sure. The freshness barely made the mark.

Rocket Salad

I love rocket salad and I had several servings of it. on my first visit, they had premixed duck rocket salad and it was pretty good.

Pumpkin Soup

This is the best pumpkin soup I’ve had so far, and I really loved it! The colour was lovely too.

Mushroom Soup

There were countless mushroom bits in this soup and indeed the mushroom taste was adequate. However, the soup was kind of watery in texture, which made it only above average when comparing to other mushrooms soups I’ve had.


This was only available the first time I went, as they rotate their menu I suppose. I liked this.

Beef Medallion and vine ripe tomatoes

The steak was fine. Nothing too spectacular but not awful. By default it’s cooked medium but I guess you could request.

Pork Schnitzel

No pictures, but I would recommend this. it is pretty much like breaded fried pork chops.

Duck Confit

No pictures of this because I only tried a small bite but it was pretty good! Crispy and flavourful without being too oily and doesn’t have any animalic duck smell. Non duck eaters would be able to take this too I guess

Roast Beef

They had roast beef ribeye but it wasn’t really to my liking. Generally, I don’t even like roast beef.


I think buffets are great to sample cheeses. I was thrilled that they so have a few selections. I tried the Camembert Cheese and Boursin Garlic & Herbs Cheese (I know, this is not well, really cheese, but I like this spread so might as well) and both were good. I chose to have table crackers. They have other crackers too like ritz or some bread sticks. The duck pate and mushroom pates were acceptable as well.


The meringues are highly recommended! It is crispy on the outside, and marshmallow chewy on the inside. I really love it! I was expecting a cookie like meringue but this surprised me pleasantly.

Chocolate Truffles

They have assorted flavours but my favourite is the mango one. The rest were pretty good too!


Make sure they fry your crepe till crispy before serving because another portion I had was quite bad, due to serving it before it was properly set.


Same goes to waffles – make sure you have yours cooked properly because mine seems soggy inside. But on the other hand, I don’t think the waffle batter was good enough too.

Pistachio Chocolate Mousse

Not bad


I tried the lemon meringue pie, raspberry chocolate mousse and the marbled cheesecake. I would prefer the cheesecake without marbling. Overall, the quality of cakes were on the good side, comparing to cakes I had at other buffets like The Line or Equinox, where their cakes are really subpar. At least the cakes here are above average, only that they didn’t have the flavours/ type of cakes of my preference.

I also had several types of Gryphon tea during my meal. I tried Nymph of the Nile, Hanami, British Breakfast Tea and Chamomile. I like Nymph of the Nile the most, amongst those I’ve tried.

It is a pity that I didn’t try their quiche, risotto, pasta, pizza, other mains like squid, mussels and there are still many stations I didn’t get to, like the malay food, indian food, thai salads, crabs, and seafood other than oysters.

I would say that this buffet is really good in terms of the balance between quality, quantity and price. The service was reasonable too. On weekdays, the restaurant is really empty, so you’d get to eat in peace. I would recommend this place to anyone who is looking for a good buffet meal to stuff themselves with! With certain credit cards, there will be a 10% discount as well. A pretty worth it meal I would say!


Ambiance: 7.5/10

Food: 7.5/10

Variety: 8/10

Value: 7.5/10

Overall: one of the best buffets around for this price!



Pan Pacific Hotel

Level 3

7 Raffles Boulevard

Singapore 039595


Tel: 6826 8240


Lunch: 12:00pm to 2:30pm daily

Dinner: 6:30pm to 10:30pm daily


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