Saveur II – Dinner

I returned to Saveur again because I was seeking a wallet friendly but decent choice for dinner. As usual, there is a crowd but this time, the lines weren’t as bad as it was 6 months ago. I guess the hype does die down after a while.

Generally, the items have increased in price but sadly, not so for the quality. I didn’t take many pictures because many items have been reviewed before.

There have been some changes to the items on the menu as well, but not that big a difference and the best seller still remains, like duck confit.

This time, I realised that many items seems to be precooked as I do detect stale oil smell around the restaurant premises. This is quite sad news as it also translates to declining standards. This applies to the crispy stuff as only those will give off stale oil smell if stale oil was used.

Anyway, this time I had something different.

Beef Short Ribs Braised in Red Wine with Mesclun Salad and Potato Gratin– $14.90++

I made the right choice with this because this was super delicious! Actually, it was my first time having beef short ribs and I’m in love with it. The beef was very tender and soft. It differs from beef cheeks kind of tender because it doesn’t have the same pungent cow odour as beef cheeks. It is generally odourless and simply very soft and tender. The red wine smell was also detectable. I liked the sides that came along with this as well. For $14.90++, it may just be one of the cheapest decent Beef Short Ribs around! As this is a braised dish, there is no issues which cooking beforehand and then reheating before serving, because braised dishes are meant to be slow cooked, the longer the better. There is no issue of staleness of overcooking for this sort of dish.

Service wise, they seem to have abundance of service staff which is good. Most of the staff are local youths, probably teenagers. However, some of them seems to be really “blur” on the job and not very well trained. I asked on of them about the salmon confit because I cannot accept salmon that is more than medium done. I asked “is it cooked through?” and he said yes. I asked again “so you mean it is well done?”, and he said “ya quite well done”. Thus I didn’t order it even though I would have loved to try. I really suspect that the guy didn’t know anything about the salmon simply gave a patronizing answer. If that is not the case, and that waiter does know what he is talking about, it means that Saveur overcooks their salmon which is really bad news. After clarification with Saveur I found out that they actually cook their salmon sous vide to around medium well.

That aside, there was one waiter who seemed to be very warm and polite though and was very quick to answer any queries.

Overall, the standard of this restaurant is still not bad and I hope Saveur is keen on keeping it up and do not decline to the point of no return.

For my earlier review on Saveur:


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