Marina Bay Sands Epicurean Market

I was lucky enough to win some tickets to the Epicurean Market this year! The main highlight of this was the Celebrity Chef booths and some of the masterclasses. Sadly, the other booths were quite sad looking and unappealing. They were set up like any other tradeshow you see in the Singapore Expo and definitely were there just to fill up space.

On the other hand, the Celebrity Chef area was bustling and very happening. The booths were done up nicely and it was the perfect chance to sample food from those restaurants without breaking the bank, and if you’re lucky you’d get to see the chefs in action. I don’t mean to say that the food here is very much cheaper, because it isn’t, but if you got to consider how you can’t just step into a celebrity chef restaurant and just order 1 dish and walk out.

Waku Ghin:

Toro tuna (jellied egg, Oscietra caviar)

Scallops (aonori (green laver), preserved olive, vinaigrette)

Ceas Queensland Spanner Crab without Shell (sautéed crab meat, garlic, butter)



Sliced Snake River Farms Striploin, Potato Puree and Creamed Spinach

dB Bistro Moderne:

Harissa Spiced Tuna (moroccan chickpea salad, preserved lemon, tzatziki)

Red wine braised beef shortribs

Sky on 57:

Mushroom cappucino

Wagyu Beef Noodles with a spritz of cognac


I also attended a master class on Spanish wines from Rioja, and my favourite was the Corimbo 2008. The glass with yellow liquid contains olive oil! We had olive oil tasting too and it was quite interesting.


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