Imperial Treasure Teochew Cuisine – Dinner II

I’ve reviewed this restaurant several times so I shan’t say too much on the repeated orders. I would say that the quality of food here is much better than the neighbouring Crystal Jade Palace which is not even good.

Roast Pork

This is my favourite restaurant Roast Pork in Singapore.

BBQ Honey Pork

The Char Siew is not bad too.

Broccoli with prawns

A vegetable dish, no doubt overpriced and easy prepared at home, is a staple at every Chinese meal. It’s one of those “just because it’s supposed to be here” thing. However, I was delighted that the prawns here were crunchy and fresh.

Teochew Braised Duck

Since this is a Teochew restaurant, it only makes sense to try some Teochew specialities. This is soya sauce braised duck with some firm tofu below. Even though the duck was very tender, I am not a fan of this because I do not like this kind of braised marinade at all. I’ll just say this tastes very Chinese, lacking of a better way to describe it.

Braised Beancurd with Spinach and Mushroom

I don’t like tofu, and for most of my life I don’t eat tofu. However, I came to realise that restaurant tofu is always impressing me! First it was a Pu Tien, next was My Humble House and now this. I can sort of conclude that self-made tofu always tastes really good! If you hate tofu and the only tofu you were exposed to were mass produced (the kind you find in supermarkets) sort used by hawkers and at home, do open your mind a little and try this. It is really very different.

Teochew Style Steamed White Promfet

Even though this looks really pretty, the fish was kind of old and unfresh evident from the texture of the meat. It was towards the firm and tough side. I don’t think this is a case of overcooking, as the tomatoes are still intact. I have Teochew style steamed fish every often at home and with perfect timing the promfet would be silky and smooth. The broth is the highlight as it would be very flavourful with essence imparted from the fish. The tomatoes would be very delicious as it soaks up the fish essence. However, this rendition has the broth rather sweet. It would be better if they could omit sugar perhaps.

Almond Cream

I’ve had this before and I still like it.

Taro Paste

As usual, this taro paste never disappoints. I used to hate yam and feel disgusted with the idea of yam, but this taro paste changed everything. It is very smooth in texture so none of those powdery, starchy disgusting texture of other yam dishes. Yam fearing friends should open their minds and give this a try too!

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