Maekhong Thai Cuisine II – Dinner

My first time at Maekhong Thai Cuisine last year left a pleasant impression so here I am again. With better knowledge of what to order, this experience was better than the last.

Pandan Leaf Chicken – $12.00++

Though more expensive than other places, the size is almost double. The pandan chicken did not disappoint. It was adequately marinated so that the meat inside was tender and flavourful. It was slightly crispy on the edges. Overall it was one of the better pandan chickens I’ve had still.

I didn’t like the sweet sauce provided hence I requested for other Thai chilli sauces. The green one is the seafood chilli which is commonly eaten with fried rice, and the red one is thai sweet chilli. I found that both can go well with anything! I prefer the green one.

Stir Fried Long Beans with Salted Egg – $8.00++

I remember liking this the previous time and I had it again. The standard remains and I really like this! I hate crunchy vegetables and this was not too crunchy. The flavours were good too.

Lemongrass Seabass – $22.00++

I usually steer clear from fried fish as I do not like the typical dry texture and excess calories from frying, but I decided to try this anyway since it was a signature dish. I would say this is good. The fish was crispy on the surface but rather soft and moist inside. Despite being deep fried, it did not have any unpleasant oil taste and it wasn’t dripping in oil, so that’s a plus. The lemongrass however, was more for show than it is edible.

Mango Sticky Rice – $6.00++

A staple for me at any Thai meal, even if it is not the best around.

Red Ruby – $2.80++

The red ruby appealed more to me this time than it did before. I am no fan of red ruby but the coconut milk was rather pleasant this time and I liked this.

As you can probably tell, this entire meal is not for weight watchers or healthy living advocators. Everything comes with a lot of oil and there isn’t any other way to do it. Comparing to other Thai eateries of similar genre, this place has good standard and I would recommend this if you want a place without long queues and is able to forsake nice ambiance.

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