Yakinikutei Ao-chan – Dinner

When having table BBQ, my preferred choice is always Japanese BBQ. Japanese BBQ puts much focus on the quality of the beef they use, and the marination has more of the Japanese umami flavour which I prefer over the Korean counterpart. However, the origin of Japanese yakiniku actually was inspired from Korean BBQ – this is why you often find Korean dishes in the menu of yakiniku restaurants.

My previous experience with yakiniku was at Haramiya and they didn’t have charcoal. They cook the meat in direct contact with the flames of the fire, probably from butane gas, and the result was butane gas tasting meat. I was rather disappointed to learn that this place doesn’t have charcoal either, but my worries were dismissed when I saw how the flame doesn’t touch the food and the food doesn’t taste like butane! However, it would be even better with charcoal taste to it.

Raw beef

It isn’t my first time having raw beef, and I do not dislike this, but BBQ meat appeals more to me today hence I didn’t eat much of this. As you can tell from the colour, the beef is really fresh, so no worries about contamination. It is marinated and actually, quite tasty – like marinated sashimi.

Ox Tongue

Many may feel this is disgusting, me included. However, it tastes like beef, with more crunch. It really is good, and I think I’m a convert! I last had this (my first time) at some other yakiniku shop and I guess it wasn’t that fresh there. The food here is the freshest ever, everything is so red!

Belly Tender Prime (Karubi) – $19.30++

When going got BBQ, you must get short ribs, a.k.a kalbi/ karubi. Short ribs are always delicious and this was no exception.

Special Cube Belly Prime – $19.80++

Due to the thickness, it was hard to cook this so I would recommend getting the other cuts.

Belly Tender (Karubi) Regular – $16.80++

I am not sure what is the difference between this one and the Prime version, possibly the freshness, but this tastes good too, so get more of this!

Rose Prime – $18.80

This looks like the loin to me, and it is sliced thinner than the karubi slices. I would suggest getting karubi or harami rather than this.

Beef Harami – $11.80++

This part is also known as hanger, skirt or onglet. It is slightly tougher than the karubi, but not that huge a difference. If you simply want to have a lot of meat, you can order more of this as it is most economical.

Wagyu Stick Karubi – $16.80++

And more karubi here. I really liked this one, because the shape is easy to cook, and it was tender.

We also got some assorted vegetables, mushrooms and corn, and they were all plain and dry – not marinated. I figured the trick to cooking them is to use the oil from the beef. The corn with beef oil tastes divine. Do try it.


Ambiance: 6.5/10

Food: 8.5/10

Value: 7/10

Overall: no charcoal here, but so far this is the yakiniku place with the freshest beef I’ve had


Yakinikutei Ao-chan

Concorde Hotel & Shopping Mall

100 Orchard Road


Singapore 238840

Tel: 67356457 ‎


Lunch: 12:15pm – 2:30pm

Dinner: 6pm – 11pm

Weekends and PH: 3pm ~ 10:30pm


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