Bistro Du Vin – Dinner III

My last stop for Restaurant Week was Bistro Du Vin. It was my 3rd time in a row having it. Bistro Du Vin is a casual French bistro so expect a noisy and relaxing ambiance, as opposed to uptight and serious fine dining.

The menu didn’t change much. For $35.00++, it was a steal considering the quality and usual prices. Most of the items are the same so I wouldn’t be introducing many new dishes here.

Costes Du Rhone Domaine De La Mordoree 2011 – $55.00++

We got this bottle for the night. It was quite easy to drink and sweet rather than puckery, so those who like really bold wines may not fancy this. They also serve this by the glass at $12++ each. I guess this should be a new addition to their wine list as I’ve not seen this before, and the price was much lower than what they usually offer.

Pan-seared Foie Gras with Pickled Egg Plant and Onion

This was my obvious choice of starter as I love foie gras. I’ve had this all 3 times I was here.

Beef Cheek Braised in Red Wine served with Mashed Potato

This time, the mashed potato wasn’t truffled, like it was the previous time. The mash was smooth and soft, but would be better if it was truffled.

Pink Tiramisu

This was layers of raspberry sorbet, ice cream, Chantilly cream, strawberries, pink sponge fingers soaked in sparkling rose wine, and raspberry meringue. A very interesting dessert which I absolutely love and would want to have again!

Chamomile Tea

The tea used here was from 1872 Clipper Tea Co. By this point, I was really full and had no room for any more food.

The standard at Bistro Du Vin remains, but I have to point out that the once legendary bread was no longer the same! It no longer tasted extraordinarily soft and good anymore.


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