Morsels – Dinner

When looking for a nice place to have dinner at, I came across Morsels and was kind of skeptical actually. The menu looked limited and the food looked ordinary, but the reviews so far were positive. I decided on this place anyway, and I was so glad I was not too quick to judge.

The first bad thing about this place was the location – Little India is always congested with vehicles and people, it wasn’t that easy getting there and if you want to park right in front of the place which offers free parking at night, fat hope because it’ll all be taken.

The interior was homely looking and looked like the sort where you could have a casual relaxing meal.

The menu was confusing to look at even though it was short.

The portions here are literally morsels, so I think at least 2 – 3 dishes per person will be just right to fill.

Their wine list was equally short too, so I guess their focus was
on their other beverages.

Xwinery 2008 Red X, USA – $80.00++

Their food isn’t classified into any particular country’s cuisine, and their wines offered come from all sorts of places too. We settled on this one, which I kind of enjoyed because it smells really fruity. It was easy and smooth to drink too. This is also their house pour and they serve it in smaller portions too.

I would prefer if they could provide a normal wine glass instead of this. They seem to have champagne flutes but not wine glasses.

Maubert brie balls, jalapeno cocktail sauce – $9.00++

These were really morsels. It was interesting though, since I normally have brie raw, but cheese always tastes good when fried or seared

Hokkaido scallop ceviche, plums, tobiko, cilantro, red onion, homemade tortilla chips – $25.00++

I kind of belittled this based on the description and first glance, thinking it would be just another raw scallop dish, but I was totally wrong. I would daresay this was life changing. The blend of ingredients worked out so well, with a little sourness and a little crustacean flavour. It was perfect with the tortilla chips. This may be my favourite from this meal!

Steamed clams, fig broth, homemade kim chee, pickled wakame, spring onions – $22.00++

I was lost for words when after the first sip. I have never tasted clam broth like this before, and I mean in a a positive way. It was very unique and possibly the best clam broth ever.

Firecracker pork pasta, habanero pesto, sour cream, spring onions – $14.00++

Again, I thought this would be a disaster as those ingredients don’t look like it would make good pasta. But fortunately I was wrong. The pork tastes like rilette and the spiciness from the habanero sauce was very subtle but slowly lingers in the mouth. A very interesting take on pasta.

Grilled octopus, squid ink risotto, salted egg sauce, tobiko, wasabi sprout – $22.00++

This risotto seems different from the usual creamy risotto. It feels like a fluffy pile of squishy rice. Again, I loved this! The octopus has a charcoal grilled taste to it.

Pan-seared snapper, buttermilk miso broth, pickled honshimeij mushrooms, ikrua, radish sprouts – $26.00++

The fish was probably the most ordinary among them all, but the combination was still it was creative and palatable.

The butcher’s secret: grilled bavette, onion jam, chimichurri sauce, confit fingerling potatoes, picked grapes, grilled shishito peppers – $28.00++

Not the best grilled beef out there but this combination sure is something new. Wouldn’t say this is the most genius invention but overall it did work well. It seems like a lot of restaurants are offering non mainstream cuts as steak nowadays.

Overall, the portions are beyond small and in that sense, the prices are quite premium for a place with normal café ambiance. However, each dish is well thought of and the ingredients used are uncommon. Perhaps this is why it has to cost more.


Ambiance: 7.5/10

Food: 9/10

Value: 8.5/10

Overall: I really love the food here. It would almost be to the extent of life changing, and definitely something very fresh from what is usually available in Singapore. Highly recommended for adventurous eaters.



35 Mayo Street

Singapore 208316

Tel: 6396 6302


Dinner: 6pm – 10pm


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