Teochew Traditional Steamboat Restaurant – Dinner

I came to know about this restaurant because it is located in close proximity to where I live. I passed by here countless times, but never got to try it till today. It was only recently that I accepted having steamboat, and since this place claims to have money back guarantee it seems promising.

They do not have set menus, and only a la carte options.

For 2 pax, the Soup cost $10.00+ a pot. It comes with corn and the corn was pretty sweet, even after all that boiling.

They only have 1 type of soup here, which was not spicy or herbal. It would suit people who prefer lighter tasting soups. However, I do not mean that this soup was bland. In fact, it was quite flavourful.

This was what we had for 2 and it was just right.

They allowed us to mix some of the items, so we could have more variety. We mixed the Chef Meat Ball and Homemade Fish Ball ($6.00+), as well as Fish Paste Dou Pok and Dou Tiao ($5.00+).

I am no fan of fish balls but the fish ball here was quite pleasant. It was soft and springy, instead of tough and floury. I preferred it over the meat ball. The fish paste dou pok was kind of like yong tao foo and it was alright, but I liked the dou tiao a lot more.

The Prawn Wanton ($6.00+) was fresh and crunchy and basically has all qualities of a good wanton. The Chef’s Recipe Squid Ball ($8.00+) was another thing which I would recommend. It was kind of crunchy inside too with chestnuts and springy in texture. If you had to choose between the squid ball, meat ball and fish ball, I’d recommend the squid ball.

Tang-O ($5.00+) is a steamboat staple vegetable and we got 2 portions of it.

USA Prime Beef – $10.00+

Good beef is a MUST for me in order to enjoy steamboat. I like it more when the beef is marbled and fresh and this is quite good.

Red Garoupa – $28.00+

As this is Teochew steamboat, I just had to try their fish. The price is kind of high for this one, compared to all other dishes, but the portion was quite substantial. This was the smallest serving by the way. The fish was very fresh with no signs of stale fishiness, and was much better than the fish provided at Imperial Treasure.

This was the pre-mixed dipping sauce they provided. I kind of liked this, but I still love my sze chuan pepper sauce most.

They also had a spicy chilli sauce, but I didn’t really like this as it has some weird taste to it.

Overall, the quality of ingredients can be compared to Imperial Treasure, my favourite steamboat restaurant. The price was also lower by 40%. However, the drawback of this place would be that it obviously has a less classy ambiance, a not so convenient for most people location and questionable hygiene standards. I noticed that they got a B. I found a strand of hair on my ingredients and some bugs here and there. The limited sauces and soup bases could be an issue to some people too.


Ambiance: 6.5/10

Food: 8.5/10

Value: 7/10

Overall: definitely making it in my list of good steamboat places in Singapore.


Traditional Teochew Steamboat

76 Joo Chiat Rd

Singapore 427447


Tel: 6348 8924


Lunch: 12:00 – 14:30

Dinner: 17:00 – 23:00


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