Latteria Mozzarella Bar – Dinner

I had a pleasant experience at Latteria during restaurant week, so I am back here again for dinner. The difference this time was that I got to experience their full portions and I have to warn everyone that their portions are very big as compared to all other italian restaurants I frequent! The size of their pastas and risottos can probably feed 2 people, so I suggest sharing, unless you intend to have just 1 main course for the whole meal, which again I’ll advise against, because eating too much of the same thing can get really sickening especially since almost everything here is creamy and cheesy.

Chianti Castiglioni 2011 – $75.00++

Their wine selection isn’t very wide but luckily this one was quite alright. I’ll say this is the kind of red wine I wouldn’t mind having again if I dine here again!

Fried Calamari – $15.00++

Not the best fried calamari in my opinion, but it wasn’t bad either. I love fried calamari so it was acceptable to me.

Burratina with zucchini and parma ham topped with dried fish – $25.00++

This was a daily special and I didn’t quite catch the actual description but it was something like this. the cheese here was devine, though I wouldn’t say this is downright the best combination ever, though it was really quite good already. Generally, burrata/ burratina and parma ham won’t go wrong together. Do share this starter as it’s quite big.

Truffle and Smoked Mozzerella Risotto – $25.00++

Lovers of creamy and cheesy risottos would love this because it is very creamy and the truffles are so aromatic. However, I cannot understand how this is for 1 person as it contains so much rice!

Linguine with crabmeat and mascarporne – $25.00++

Even though the sauce was very creamy, the tomato taste was also quite strong. Quite a good rendition of crabmeat linguine here.

Potato Gnocchi with Truffle Cream – $28.00++

This was a daily special and my choice for main. I loved it! The cream was heavenly, but may be a bit too over for some, especially since the portion was not small. The gnocchi was soft and slightly squishy – not my favourite quality of gnocchi amongst all I’ve tried, but still pretty good. If you like things strong and creamy, you could try this, if it is available.

Red Wine Beek Cheek Rissotto – $28.00++

This was another daily special. It tastes just like braised beef cheeks but with risotto. It was the first time I heard of a risotto like this but I actually thought it turned out well! Again, the portions were HUGE, and probably double of that served elsewhere. Perhaps 2 sharing 1 would be ideal; especially since eating too much of it can get pretty sick.

The next time I dine here, I’ll be sure to share my pasta or entrée with someone!


For my previous experience here:



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