Yoyogi – Dinner

I had an omakase dinner at Yoyogi at Grand Stand. If you think that Grand Stand is just any normal mall, you are wrong. It is not a mall per se, but more like a cluster of restaurants and certain shops. The location is not accessible by public transport at all, so you either take a private vehicle or board one of their shuttle buses. Their shuttle buses arrives infrequently though, with only 1 bus per hour at 3 locations, so I guess driving or cabbing is the way to get there.

Anyway, Yoyogi is quite an established restaurant since their days at their old premises in Mohamad Sultan. They serve Japanese cuisine with a slightly modern touch, and a variety of sake. This seems to be a place for businessmen and not really a place for family based on the ambiance and offerings they have. I wouldn’t recommend this place at all if you want to bring your kids along.

This is their official menu. However, as with most other high end Japanese restaurants, there are many items off the menu so you may want to ask the chef-owner yourself.

I had a $200 omakase meal, but the dishes were decided by the chef and not really as described in the official menu.

Baby squid, vegetables and foie gras parfait

Torched bonito fish

Squid and Sea Urchin sashimi

Amberjack with truffles

Pitan crab tofu with flying fish roe

Assorted sashimi

Japanese somen with abalone and caviar

Steamed beef with vegetables

Fried shishamo

Beef rice with onsen egg

Aburi otoro



Mantis prawn





Generally, the food standard is there. It is not out of the world delicious, but it did not fall short of expectations. Of course I did expect good standards for the price of this meal. However, I don’t see this place as somewhere which I would yearn to return to, because there are so many other promising Japanese restaurants to try for the same price.


Food aside, the other aspects of this restaurant did not quite impress me and is not quite my type. I have mentioned that this place is suitable for business and not families. This is because I noticed that many of the diners there are adults and somehow they are allowed to smoke in the restaurant. It was quite disturbing for me – even though it was not in my face, the smell still diffuses throughout the premises and it was quite suffocating for someone like me who is intolerant to breathing in smoke. And I am not talking about just a little smell, but it was to the extent that my entire chunk of long hair smelt of the smoke even when I got home.


Ambiance: 7/10

Food: 8/10

Value: 7/10

Overall: Quality Japanese food but the overall package isn’t attractive enough to warrant a revisit anytime soon.



The Grandstand

200 Turf Club Road



Tel: 6468 8826



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