Kyoto – Hana Kitcho

My second meal in Kyoto was kaiseki again. It is only logical to try what they offer best here isn’t it? I picked this restaurant because it was recommended by the Michelin Guide, awarded with 1 star, and they allowed online reservations.

The whole feel of this restaurant was very different from Kichisen. It looked more upscale and the interior was more lavish than traditional. They offered us a private room for our dinner, which had the obvious benefit of privacy. We could take photos all we want without being afraid of being watched. Our private room was on the upper floors and we were ushered to take an elevator up to the 5th floor. I think for a private dining experience like this, it is going to cost a bomb in Singapore.

For dinner, kaiseki courses they normally offer are寿 (9 items, ¥11500/ $143.75), 禄 (10 items, ¥17325/$216.56) and福 (10 items, ¥20790/$259.88). Other than kaiseki, they offer shokado which is like a bento set for ¥6930 ($86.63) or ¥9240 ($115.50). During reservation, they will ask if you would like to place your order in advance. I guess this is because they have sets which are only available with pre-order, going at ¥28875 ($360.94) and ¥34650 ($433.13).

For this meal, we took the 寿 kaiseki course. Despite the modern décor, the meal was carried out the traditional way, with a welcome drink of sake, and ended with matcha.

Prawn, Pea, Plum, Tamago and Appetizer

Clear soup

Maguro, Katsuo, Hirame, Ika


Isaki fish, Renkon, Vegetables

Egg Plant and White Miso

Grilled beef

Rice, pickles, miso soup

Ginger rice

Ice cream, fruits

Japanese jelly


The Food:

There was nothing wrong with the food, but comparing to Kichisen I had earlier, it was not as good. However, there are a few dishes which were better than Kichisen, like the clear soup. Actually, everything was really good too, but it isn’t the best in Kyoto.

Who is this for:

If you like private dining with a lavish ambience to go with your kaiseki meal, this is the place.


There were no extra charges so this turned out to be cheaper than Kichisen. I found this price pretty alright.


Very good – private, clean and lavish. However, it lacks the Japanese vibe so it depends on which you deem as better ambiance.

Overall thoughts:

With so many other choices for kaiseki in Kyoto, I don’t think I’ll be rushing to come back here if when I get to visit Kyoto again, simply because it was good, but not life changing.


Hana Kitcho

Shijyo kudaru, Yamato-oji, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture, 605-0802


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