Kansai Day 8 – Shopping hauls

This is my last day for the Japan 2013 trip. I really enjoyed my experience here and would definitely want to return soon. It’s really one of the best countries in the world.

My flight was at 10:30am because that’s the only option for Jetstar. They should really change it to a night flight! We took the Nankai Main Line to the airport from Namba which took less than 10 minutes form our hotel, Grande Vista Osaka. Walking there was a breeze because we have familiarised ourselves with the area after 7 days there.

I recommend going there earlier because I forgot that the lines for check in would be long. Despite being a budget airline, the flight did not delay, and in fact, they brought the boarding time forward by 10 minutes. As a result, I didn’t have much time to shop at the Duty Free Shops.

I bought 20kg of luggage allowance when I booked my ticket and luckily I managed to keep within the limit!

This was my haul from the 7 days in Japan. Not every shop sells the products at the same prices, so if you have the time you should compare around. Certain drugstores like Kokumin and Sugi, which can be found along the streets, offer 5% discount for tourists. Do flash your passport at the cashier to enjoy this privelege!

All the socks above are from Daiso. Each are ¥105 ($1.30). Their socks are so cute and I got even more when I returned to Singapore!

The Shu Uemura eyelash curler was found in Kokumin and costs ¥931 ($11.64). In Singapore, it costs about $32.

Heroine Make (formerly known as Kiss Me) is very cheap in Japan and I realised that their prices aren’t really controlled. For the mascara, some places sold them for ¥1000 ($12.50) but I got them for ¥758.10 ($9.48). Subsequently, I found a shop at Nipponbashi Subway Station which sells it for ¥698 ($8.73)! I am also a user of their powder which costs only ¥880 ($11).  It costs $23.90 at Watsons in Singapore.

The Dollywink, Candydoll, Maquillage and Coffret D’Or prices are more controlled and costs the same everywhere. The only cheaper places to get them are places which offer 5% discount for tourists. I stocked up on my favourite products – stuff which I normally use and swear by! My favourite Maquillage Stick Foundation (¥3990/$49.88), Coffret D’Or Eyebrow Pencil refill (¥897/ $11.21), Candydoll Loose Powder (¥15.96/$19.95) and Blush (¥1197/$14.96) and Dollywink Eyeliner (¥1197/ $14.96).

I got the Kate Gel Eyeliner at ¥1023 ($12.90) from Kokumin, and ¥972 ($12.15) from Sugi. Somehow this was a brand excluded from the 5% discount at Kokumin, hence it was more expensive there. However, this brand already has 15% off so it’s still a bargain!

Hada Labo is everywhere in Japan and definitely cheaper than in Singapore (it’s already very cheap here). If you’re a user, or someone who is interested but haven’t got down to using it, do get it if you’re in Japan! Prices are not exactly very controlled, though majority of places has the same price.

The black garment is my legging pants from Uniqlo, as mentioned previously.

The tea is my sencha from Ippodo.

From Kansai International Airport, I got my favourite skincare from A.S.D duty free shop. There are several duty free shops carrying cosmetics and fragrances but they may not be under the same management and may carry different brands. For this particular shop, they were distributing 5% off coupons and it was applicable to everything!

The Brightening Cleansing Foam was ¥3610 ($45.13), Brightening Balancing Softener was ¥4750 ($59.38), Brightening Protective Emulsion SPF15.PA++ was ¥5225 ($65.31), Brightening Moisturizing Gel was ¥5700 ($71.25) and the Dior Addict Lip Glow was ¥2660 ($33.25).

All of these products except for the foam was priced lower than Singapore’s Duty Free Shop at the departure hall! From what I remember the foam cost $43.70 at Singapore’s departure hall. All of these are way cheaper than Singapore’s city price so it was a steal. Note that for Singapore airport, the prices at Arrival and Departure are not the same. Departure has cheaper prices and way more variety, so don’t bother shopping at DFS only when you return. Do it during departure.

関西国際空港内 免税店 Duty Free Shop A.S.D



From another duty free shop called Miyabi, I got Tokyo Banana. A box of 12 costs ¥1429. This shop sells local food stuff which is nicely packaged and ready to be given as souvenirs. They sell it in boxes of 8 too. Somehow, only the original flavour was available. I had no time to go check out other duty free shops for more variety.

It’s my first time trying this highly popular pastry and for someone who hates bananas I found this quite pleasant. This means that the banana taste isn’t too strong. For real banana lovers, this may not be banana enough for you.

Tokyo Banana

雅(みやび) Miyabi

第一ターミナルビル3階 関空国際 Kansai International Airport Terminal 1 3F

From Daiso, I got Collon. Each box costs just ¥105 ($1.30) and it tastes different from the Thailand/ Malaysian made ones we have in Singapore.

I found this in NTUC Finest going at $3.30 per box!

Pocky Matcha cream was form Sugi Pharmacy and it costs ¥130 ($1.63).

Pocky Crush (matcha flavour) was better than the normal Pocky. It comes in a box with several packets of this, and costs ¥500 ($6.25) for 2 boxes.

I found this in NTUC Finest too but it’s $7.40 a box here.

Also from Sugi Pharmacy was the famous Matcha Kit Kat. It was also ¥500 ($6.25) for 2 packets.

You can also get this in NTUC locally but it’ll cost $5.70 per pack.

The Kit Kat was the best and if you could only choose 1 snack to bring back, I recommend getting the Kit Kat or Pocky Crush. It’s not really for kids though, and adults will enjoy them.

However, I am not sure if Sugi Pharmacy is the best place to get them. So far, that’s the best price I found. They don’t sell them at supermarkets and I am not sure where else has them. Do not buy it from the airport as it is much more expensive there.

In addition, not all Sugi Pharmacy offers this price. This was the outlet at Tanimachi Yonchome, which is near Osaka Castle. I spotted this outlet while walking to Fujiya 1935 from Osaka Castle. The Sugi outlet at Nipponbashi doesn’t have such offer, so I am not sure whether it was a limited time offer or that different outlets has different prices. Perhaps places out of the town center has is cheaper. They have plenty of outlets all over so you can check out whichever’s convenient.

スギ薬局谷町四丁目店Sugi Pharmacy – Tanimachi Yonchome

Osaka-fu, Osaka-shi, Chuo-ku, Tanimachi 1-1-5

大阪府大阪市中央区内本町1丁目1番5号 プラスサンビル1階

And that’s all I bought back and that’s the end of my Kansai Japan 2013 Spring-Summer chronicles.


3 thoughts on “Kansai Day 8 – Shopping hauls

  1. mushi mushi Melissa san!!! im elaine fr KL, malaysia. many thanks ya for all these such a very Helpful Osaka Food TourGuide!!! its really helps us (we in a group of 10 monkeys heheheh!!! would be fly to Osaka next month Xmas Eve lol!) a lots….i would bear in mind all yours opion and advised lol ok!!! Arigato neh!!! Thumbs up & Gambateh!!!!! God Bless Ur Kind Heart lol!!!!

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