Bray – The Fat Duck

I am sure many of you food enthusiasts already know about this epic restaurant, but for those who do not the food they do here is a league of their own. I can’t really compare their food to any cuisine I know of, because they do not do traditional cooking at all. Heston is known for his creativity and his food is like a work of art + science, rather than just food, and that is also known as molecular gastronomy. Here, you use all your senses to enjoy the food. Some may not appreciate such food and prefer traditional cooking, but I personally do as I like the experience of dining and not just eating. However, I do agree that creative food can easily backfire if badly done. I’m glad to report that Heston lives up to his name and at The Fat Duck, you will get molecular food done right.The restaurant is rather small and getting a table is not easy. Reservations opens 2 months prior so do book ahead.

The menu for lunch and dinner is priced at £195 before taxes. The courses are fixed, but if you have any dietary restrictions you can inform them and they’ll do something.

Nitro Poached Aperitifs

In that barrel is liquid nitrogen and in the spray cans are alcohol mousses. For this, you get to choose which flavour you like. They offered tequila and grapefruit, vodka and lime, and gin and tonic. I chose the tequila. They scooped a ball of mousse and put it into the liquid nitrogen and the product was a meringue like treat.

You have to eat this quick and in one mouth because it’s essentially deep frozen mousse. In your mouth it’ll disintegrate.

Red Cabbage Gazpacho

Pommery Grain Mustard Ice Cream

Jelly of Quail, Crayfish Cream

Chicken Liver Parfait, Oak Moss and Truffle Toast

The fogged up bed of “moss” was made for you to smell the smell of oak moss, while you dig in.

Snail Porridge

Roast Foie Gras

Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

These “sandwiches” are mock too! The filling was actually another slice of bread.

“Sound of the Sea”

For this one, you got to listen to the “sound of the sea” – which was actually an iPod shuffle inside the shell, while eating. I felt as though I was eating sand!

Poached Salmon in Liquorice Gel

Artichokes, Vanilla Mayonnaise and Golden Trout Roe

Lamb with Cucumber

That was it for the main courses. I was 85% full by now.

Hot & Iced Tea

You can’t see from here but actually half the cup is iced and half is hot. I felt a different in density of the 2 sides so perhaps that’s why it was kept from mixing instantly. A very interesting experiment!

Macerated Strawberries 

Olive Oil Biscuit, Chamomile and Coriander Jelly and Ice Cream Cornet

Well, this was no doubt the prettiest dish of the meal. It was just a joy looking at it and equally a joy to eat.

Eggs in Verjus (c.1726), Verjus in Egg (c.2013)

This is named this way because in 1726 there was a dish called Eggs in Verjus and now Heston created verjus in a mock egg shell! It looked very realistic doesn’t it?

Cracking it open..

I love surprises like this.

Whisk(e)y Wine Gums

You got to eat it in the order which Key on the map instructs. It sorts of melts in your mouth as you place it on your tongue. The most unpleasant one would be Jack Daniel’s. Behind the gums on the map they would tell you more details about the whisky like how old it is.

“Liked a Kid in a Sweetshop”

As usual, do not expect simple sweets. Normally a piece of white chocolate with Queen of Hearts printed on it may just be a piece of white chocolate, but for this one, the white chocolate layer was super thin and there was layers of fillings inside!

And that marks the end of this meal. I highly recommend trying The Fat Duck at least once, especially if you’re already situated around UK.


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