Hai Di Lao – Dinner

I have talked about this place before for having the best spicy steamboat I’ve ever tried in my life. Naturally, I would crave for it and hence I’m here again. This time, I went for dinner and there was a queue. I waited about 2 hours for a table. From my previous experience, I knew better what to order and everything I had in this meal was nothing short of delicious.

My stand remains for the soup – only the Ma La soup was worth getting. However, it doesn’t cost extra to have a split pot with the seafood soup so we got it too. The seafood in the soup was probably frozen seafood and was nothing fantastic. The soup itself was only so-so.

From my previous experience, I knew that dipping sauces were not necessary and their homemade drinks were not nice, so I didn’t get it. The spicy soup was flavourful enough to flavour whatever ingredients that was cooked in it.

Here we have the Black Pork, US Beef Slices, Crown Daisy (Tang-o), Fried Bean Curd Skin, Bamboo Shoot Slices, Sweet Potato Tube (a flour cake made with sweet potato), and the handmade noodles.

I’m sure the meat needs no introduction. It tasted best when cooked in the spicy soup, not for too long. The meat was of good quality so it was tender when cooked. It was very thinly sliced which is very important for steamboat meat. I can’t decide whether I like the pork or the beef more, so please get both when you dine here.

Previously I had the normal rice cake and it tasted very weird – like it had some perfume taste. The sweet potato tube was a different case and it was mochi like and did not take funky.

The fried bean curd skin is best eaten when blanched for a few moments, retaining the crispiness.

The homemade noodles is a must to order here. It wasn’t the fancy performance which I liked, but the noodles itself was a league of it’s own. Cooking for about a minute will do and the texture will be extremely chewy and springy.

For my previous post about Hai Di Lao: https://hungryinsingapore.wordpress.com/2013/07/13/hai-di-lao-lunch/




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