Tsukada Nojo – Dinner II

Ever since my first meal at Tsukada Nojo several months ago I’ve been craving to come back for their chicken collagen soup. Its really that good’.

The collagen pudding before melting into soup.

Second time visitors are entitled to redeem either fries or edamame. The fries was just normal.

This is 3 portions of the signature hotpot set, to be shared among 4. With side dishes like the onigiri and the fries, it was sufficient. You are going to be drinking a lot of soup and that will be very filling.

Honestly the ingredients were nothing fantastic. I wasn’t even interested in eating the chicken. All I wanted to have was a lot of this addictively delicious (and beauty enhancing) collagen soup!

This was presented to us after the meal.

For my previous post: https://hungryinsingapore.wordpress.com/2013/02/17/tsukada-nojo-dinner/


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