Flor – Tea

Flor has recently opened a new outlet in Siglap and I was thrilled. This is my 2nd favourite cake shop in Singapore and now that’s it’s in a more accessible and bigger location, compared to Duxton, I can get to eat proper cakes more often! There aren’t many good cake places in the East to be honest, so this is a good addition.

Do note that prices here are not cheap. The teas cost $8/ pot, costing more than their cakes, but really, I do not like to refill my teas because it’s not meant to be. They use Clipper 1872 tea bags here, which I feel isn’t very good. Or at least, doesn’t have good earl grey.

The waguri millefeulle and napoleon cake is always sold out whenever I tried to have it at Duxton. I’m glad they had it here so I could finally try. Indeed, these 2 are the better ones from their store and in particular, I loved the waguri! It’s better than their mont blanc. If you love chestnut cream you’ll love this.

They also have a selection of books – mostly food related, for you to browse.

I like how it’s spacious and non-crowded and definitely a place I’ll revisit often.


Food: 8/10

Ambiance: 7/10

Value: 7/10 (4/10 for the teas)

Overall: it’s already the best cake you can get in the East


Flor @ Siglap

42 Siglap Dr

Singapore 456 167

Tel: 6243 0813


Tuesday to Thursday: 11.30 am – 8.30pm

Friday – Sunday (Public Holidays): 11.30am- 10.00pm

Monday: Closed


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