Osia – Long Sunday Lunch

I am not a brunch person (obvious from my blog content) and I do not have the practice of looking for new places to have eggs every weekend. It is quite annoying that there aren’t many places that serves normal lunch on Sundays.

Fortunately, Osia offers lunch on Sunday! I’ve been here a few times and I generally like their food.

I opted the Sunday Long Lunch with free flow of wine for $88++. However, I suggest getting the lunch excluding beverages, ordering your own wine instead, because the wine on free flow wasn’t good.

This is how it works: the appetizers and desserts are replenishable, but they’ll just serve you everything by default. If there’s something you know you do not want, you can tell them upfront. If you want seconds, you can request for it. For the mains you only get a choice of one. Yes, many of the options are breakfast food (sigh..) but you can always opt for those which are not. There were also tapas going around which includes 62 degree egg, polenta crumbed foie gras, smoked salmon trout, aged beef, pumpkin soup and beef cheek. However, it is annoying because they do not make enough to go around and the waiters have a tendency to miss certain tables like mine. You may need to request for it instead of waiting for it to come to you.

Bicher Muesli

I fell in love with Bicher Muesli ever since I had it at Four Seasons Hotel. This version was alright, but pale in comparison. The museli was probably not soaked long enough.

Stone Hearth Flat Bread

Osia’s Flat Bread never fails and is a must order every time I dine here. However, as this meal is going to heavy, having so much bread isn’t a good idea.

Freshly Shucked Seasonal Premium Oysters

This was obviously the most exciting one among the appetizers. The oysters were very fresh and plump and definitely not of inferior quality. White wine pairs well with oysters, as usual.

Mesclun Greens

These are probably just to make the meal balanced as you won’t see much greens.

Cucumber Apple

Nothing memorable about this. The spices used were kind of like Indian spices.

Aged Beef

It’s a really small portion and it’s good like that.

62 deg Hen’s Egg

I was thrilled to know they have 62 deg egg because I absolutely love it. 62 deg is the perfect temperature for soft boiled egg and the result was so creamy and thick. What’s better here was they added truffle on top, and the flavour went perfect together.

Pumpkin Soup

It didn’t taste like typical pumpkin soup to me actually, but it was nice. The small portion was perfect for tasting.

Polenta Crumbed Foie Gras

I’ve had this almost every time I dined at Osia but this time I found it rather oily on the outside. Perhaps mass producing this compromised on the quality control. However the foie gras was still good.

I like to pair foie gras with red wine, but sadly the red here was not satisfactory.

Beef Striploin


Among the desserts, the Macadamia Soufflé was the best. If you are quite full or do not wish to waste calories on desserts, I’d suggest just ordering the soufflé. In fact I think it is above average by soufflé standards.

Coffee or tea is included and I love how they use TWG Tea. Earl Grey is my obvious choice to end the meal with.

Overall, it was a very enjoyable meal, made better with good company. RWS Invites card holders get 50% off and it makes the meal very value for money for the quality and amount of food, as well as the ambiance and service. Do remember to order your own wine though, and order whichever tapas you like directly from the waiters instead of waiting for it to be served.

For an older post about Osia: https://hungryinsingapore.wordpress.com/2011/06/13/osia-ii-dinner/


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