Wine Connection Tapas Bar & Bistro II – Dinner

Most places which serve ‘western’ food on a budget are usually disastrous, but I think Wine Connection is an exception. I had a steak here on random about a year ago and was surprised to find it to be above expectations I had of it, for the price I paid. The recent revisit only proved that they are not complacent and is working to keep maintain standards of being decent and affordable.

Skuttlebutt Shiraz Cabernet 2009, Margaret River – $50.00++

The best thing about this place is that they have a very long list of relatively lowly priced wines (as compared to other restaurants).

Bangers & Mash – $16.00++

I don’t normally eat sausages but had a taste of this and I found it rather good – definitely not like sausages you find from a supermarket’s cooked deli section.

Rib-eye steak – $23.00++

This was my choice for the night. The steak was done to medium rare and overall it was like how I remembered it to be. The only difference was that the price has increased, but that’s understandable.

Chocolate Brownie with Vanilla Ice Cream –  $5.90++

The dessert was decent at best, but definitely no where near awful. The ice cream used isn’t of the lowest quality you can find, so I’d say it’s edible. The brownie was chocolaty enough but generally that’s about it. Nothing special but decent enough to end the meal with a sweet note.

The biggest downside of this place was the crowd and noise. It is not conducive for a quiet dinner, but will do fine for a casual meetup without breaking the bank.

For my previous experience:



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