Xin Cuisine – Lunch II

My first time here was a pleasant one and a return was only natural. I managed to get a groupon deal for this and that was a fine bonus! The groupon is valid on ala carte food items only and not on dim sum.

Many of the items I ordered this time was repeated from my first visit and I am glad to say that the standards have generally remained.

Xin’s crispy roast pork with mustard dip

Ha Kau

Scallop dumpling with dragonfruit in salted egg yolk sauce 

I didn’t get the name of this but the fried beancurd skin was crispy and good! However, not so when cooled. Do eat it while it’s hot.

On the other hand, the crispiness for this one remained even when no longer hot. Not a bad choice.

White Bait

The most lack lustre dish would be this. Do not order.

Deep fried egg plant with pork floss

The name of the dish didn’t exactly sound promising and it was a gamble to order it but I did anyway. This was surprisingly good! There was a sweet sauce drizzled over and it was very addictive and lightly crispy.

Signature duck

There are a few duck items on the menu but this one had the restaurant’s name on it. It was good! Adequately crispy, juicy enough and without animalic stench.

Fried udon with seafood

This was as good as most fried noodles get. I personally can do without.

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