Yixing Xuan Teahouse – Tea

I am happy to discover this hidden gem; a perfect place to enjoy tea. In particular, they specialize in Chinese tea but when it comes to tea one should not be racist. I love my Matcha and Earl Grey but Chinese tea can be fantastic too. It’s good stuff.

Most other shops retailing Chinese tea leaves and tea equipment do not come with a sit in area or kitchen but this place offers that. In fact, they do serve proper meals too, not just tea snacks, so you could enjoy lunch paired with legit good tea.

I was here on two occasions and both was after lunch, for the sake of relaxing and digesting the previous oily meal. I’m sure many already know about the effect green tea has on digestion.

Long Jing – $25

The first time I came here I had this tea, also known as Dragon Well tea translated to English. Basically it is green tea but it originated from a specific source and that makes all the difference, hence the premium price.

They also offer tea by the cup (refillable) and that would be more suitable for solo patrons but brewing it yourself is more fun isn’t it? The staff you assist you if you require help but generally it is quite easy and routine.

Osmanthus Oolong – $15

The second time I had the Osmanthus Oolong and it smells so good! I personally love the smell of osmanthus flower and this was perfect. Anyone who loves the Gryphon Osmanthus Sencha would like this too.

Green Tea Red Bean Pancake – $7

Tried some snacks to go along after my lunch got digested. It was alright but not quite my preferred sort of red bean pancake. The pancake was crispy and hard while I preferred a softer version like what most Sze Chuan restaurants would serve. The tea taste was minimal but still detectable.

I would recommend any of the two teas I’ve tried here – both are good! However I might go for something else next time as I’m curious about white tea.

On both occasions the shop was relatively quiet – which is conducive for a relaxing afternoon. It was more quiet on the Saturday I went as compared to the Friday making it perfect for chilling on a weekend afternoon where most other popular cafes are packed and full house.


Ambiance: 7/10
Food (Drinks): 8/10
Value: 7/10
Overall: It might seem expensive for just tea but the whole experience was still worth it!


30 Tanjong Pagar Road 
Singapore 088453 
Tel : 62246961

Mon – Sat : 10am – 9pm
Sun & PH : 10am – 7pm


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