Paradise Pavilion – Dinner

It’s been quite a few years since I last dined here. I fondly remembered how good the Peking Duck was, so it warranted a revisit.

Smoked Duck

This was given like amuse bouche, not a usual practice for a Chinese restaurant.


Both the soups ordered was good.

Roast Pork

This was decently good but not the best.

And finally, the apple wood oven Peking Duck which cost $88.

Overall, the portion was too big for 2 and it sure isn’t fun getting stuffed on duck. Secondly, the standards has dropped significantly. It was disappointing in fact. The duck tasted like it was being reheated. Normally a freshly roasted one would take almost an hour to be ready but this was served to us in less than half an hour. The meat was dry and wasn’t free of pungent animalic smell unlike what I previously experienced.

I think a revisit may be tough.

For my previous entry:


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