Nakhon Kitchen – Dinner

This is my third time at Nakhon. I chose to return because I can’t think of any better restaurant for dinner in Bedok. Afterall, the food does hold a certain standard at reasonable prices so I wouldn’t mind returning often.

I had to queue for about 30 minutes the previous two times I was here for dinner, but today there was no queue at all when I arrived at 9pm. The last order was around 9:40pm so I guess 9pm is a good time to avoid the crowds!

Tom Yum Seafood (Clear) – $8

This was the only item which I didn’t try previously, and I think this has got to be the best tom yum soup I’ve had so far (from similar low cost Thai eateries). The soup was very flavourful and somehow I think this is better than the thick based version. The flavours are more distinct in this version and it was very spicy. You could request for a toned down version but I personally find that the spiciness is what makes it addictive. However the taste of the soup was slightly sweet which was not something I look for in tom yum soup; but the rich flavour made up for this ‘drawback’.

Phad Thai Tang Hoon – $6

There was another item on the menu called Thai Style Tang Hoon and I wanted to know the difference but the staff couldn’t really assist me with this. Hence, I decided to go with Phad Thai Tang Hoon despite having this before. Tang Hoon is a good choice if you are avoiding rice and wheat, because Tang Hoon is made from Mung Beans. It may look similar to Bee Hoon (rice) but it is not the same.

Do note that Tang Hoon is not as easily digested as the rice or wheat noodle counterparts so do chow it down slowly. The consequences of gobbling Tang Hoon down too quickly are quite unimaginable.

Anyway, this was good and I would order this again.

Pandan Chicken – $4

As with the previous time I had this, I was just alright.

Mango Sticky Rice – $5

Likewise for this – just alright.


I am so glad I got to try to clear tom yum soup this time and I would return for more in future. It’s been a while since I had tom yum soup which made me feel like this!

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