Hong Kong – Mak’s Noodles

I know of many people who swear by Wanton Mee in Hong Kong but during my previous trip here 4 years ago, with a tour group, I didn’t have the chance to try any famous stalls and only had it at a random shop in Tsim Sha Tsui. It was far from fantastic and I couldn’t understand the hype about wanton mee in Hong Kong based on that mediocre (or less than) experience.

This time I was determined to try it again and allow my life to be changed forever. I decided on Mak’s because it was the most famous shop.

Wanton Noodles – HK$38

The bowl was really small, but I liked it that way since this was my second dinner for the night. I found the shrimp wanton to be above average – generous amount of crunchy fresh prawns in decent skin. The noodles were thin, springy and cooked to perfect texture or at least the kind of texture I like and I found this to be very good. However, it was the soup which I would rate as excellent. I don’t know what they put in it but it was just different from any other wanton noodle’s soup I’ve had. I could have a bowl of plain noodles and soup without the wanton and still enjoy it as much.

Even though I’ve yet to try other contenders and cannot say for sure whether this is really the best in town, this is good enough to officially convert me to a Hong Kong wanton mee lover. Definitely a must try.

Mak’s Noodles
G/F, 77 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong



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