Hong Kong – Yat Lok Restaurant

Roast goose is a specialty in Hong Kong and I don’t think goose is commonly found in Singapore. I love roast duck so I reckon I would love roast goose too. On the other hand, roast duck seems to be quite non existent in Hong Kong.

Honestly, goose and duck kind of looks the same to me. This place has been listed under the Bib Gourmand category on the Michelin Guide 2014 which means it has good value for a low price.

I am so glad they had an English menu which makes things easier. As I was going for a second dinner after this, I decided to skip the rice or noodles and just have the goose.

Quarter Goose with Drumstick – HK$140

Actually I don’t think there’s a huge different between goose and duck and if I had to undergo a blind test I probably wouldn’t be able to make out the difference. Still, this roast goose was really good and was one of the best items I’ve had in this Hong Kong trip. It reminded me of Four Seasons Roast Duck from London. The oily and crispy skin was the best part, of course, but the meat was adequately juicy and flavorful enough to be eaten even without the skin.

This is a place which I would definitely revisit when I return to Hong Kong again

Yat Lok Restaurant
G/F, 28 Stanley Street, Central 



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