Hong Kong – Hui Lau Shan

The previous time in Hong Kong I had mango dessert at Hui Lau Shan almost everyday. This chain can be found almost everywhere and you will definitely see it somehow randomly walking around. Therefore, there isn’t a need to take down the address and specially hunt for it. While browsing through Temple Street Market from Yau Ma Tei, I chanced upon this outlet and decided it was time for a break with desserts.

芒之恋 Mango Romance – HK$42

It is a good idea ordering this mini platter of 3 types if you want a bit of everything. Personally I like the one on the top left the most, but still would want a variety in tasting portions. The top left is like mango puree or juice with glutinous rice balls. On the top right is mango ice cream and the one at the bottom is mochi filled with mango filling.

燕窝椰皇炖雪蛤 Coconut milk with bird’s nest and hashima – HK$63

I thought Hui Lau Shan was only good for mango desserts but in my opinion this was even better! I could be biased because I love coconut and it tasted perfect to me. The coconut milk didn’t taste rancid and unfresh so that’s halfway to success already because fresh coconut anything always tastes good. I will order this again.

椰汁芋头黑糯米 Black Sticky Rice with Taro Dessert and Radish Cake with X.O. sauce 

The taro pieces are sunken inside the black glutinous rice dessert. This item is not their specialty but I think it was as good as their signature mango desserts. No comments about the radish cake though – I’m only here for dessert!

I’m glad that over the years the standards remained and I think the standard is generally consistent across all outlets.

Hui Lau Shan 許留山
263 Shanghai St, Yau Ma Tei, Kowloon, Hong Kong


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