Hong Kong – Kam Wah Café

Kam Wah Cafe is actually just a regular Hong Kong Cafe where you can find Set A or Set B for breakfast. What sets it apart from others is the legendary Pineapple Bun (Bo Lo Bao). The location is near Prince Edward MTR Station on the Kowloon side.

I don’t think I have much experience trying Bo Lo Baos, even the non acclaimed versions. Basically is it a bun with crumbly pastry top served with a thick slab of butter inside.

At Kam Wah cafe they impose a minimum order of 1 drink per diner if you would like to dine in.

Bo Lo Pao – HK$5 ($0.81)

To take away, the buns are HK$8 ($1.30), which is almost double of the dine in price. However, drinks here are not as cheap at HK$15 minimum ($2.44).

I honestly did not know much about this bun and I didn’t really know that it was so famous. My first bite into it made me very surprised because I found that it was very good. Even the texture and the taste of the bread was different from just any ordinary random bun. The crumbly crust on top was of course good and it was best when the butter was still solid. I The size of the bun was huge and I think if this was sold in Singapore it could be sold at $2 and still attract a huge crowd.

47 Bute St, Hong Kong

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