New York 2014 – Ed’s Lobster Bar

I chanced upon this place after having the best cheesecakes in my life from Eileen’s Special Cheesecake right across the road. With no prior plans for dinner we walked in after deciding that this place looked pretty packed for the early evening and that should be a sign that it’s good.

The restaurant looked small as most people were seated along the counter bar seats but the premises is rather long and the capacity wasn’t as small as it seemed. There are low tables for those who prefer it.

Reservations can be made online on Open Table but I managed to get a seat despite not having any, on a Saturday.

The menu is not just limited to lobsters and had quite a variety of seafood as well as salads and sides. However, it is only logical to have lobster since this is called Ed’s Lobster Bar. For lobster they do serve it in many cooking methods. I was told that the most famous item here is the Lobster Roll so that helped me decide.

Oysters – USD$3 ea

There was no minimum order for the oysters and I decided that 3 pieces each should be enough. I wasn’t even sure it was good, but I just wanted to have some after seeing other diners having it. The oysters despite being small in size, was very juicy and tasted good surprisingly! I am not sure of the origin but they were very fresh, which contributed largely to why it was so good.

Lobster Roll – USD$29

They say it’s market price for this but it was $29 on the day I was there.

The lobster meat looked a lot more than what Luke’s served and it comes with fries and salad. Overall it was one pretty good lobster roll and given the restaurant setting and the serving, it isn’t really that expensive. If you compare it to the price of lobster rolls in Singapore, this would seem like a steal.

However, I think I enjoyed Luke’s better somehow, even though I would not mind having Ed’s again. Generally, you just must have lobster and lobster rolls when you’re in the East Coast.


222 Lafayette St, New York, NY 10012, United States

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