New York 2014 – Le Bernadin

My aim for New York City this year is to try 3 Michelin Star restaurants because I previously did not get the chance to. As usual, a strict dress code applies so you must be prepared. This is out of bounds for back packers.

For lunch service, you get to choose 3 courses from the menu and it cost USD$76. This was not indicated explicitly but essentially Le Bernadin is a seafood restaurant. The menu is on their website for your perusal and you’ll noticed that everything is seafood (including fish)! Those with seafood allergy may want to take note and dine somewhere else instead. I like that the 3 courses are not fixed and there are so many options. They have more options than Jean-Georges, the other 3 star restaurant I tried in NY this time. For appetizers they categorized them into “Almost Raw” and “Barely Touched”. For main courses it is “Lightly Cooked”. (Why of course, it is offensive to overcook fresh seafood and fish.)

Honestly I wish I had done my research beforehand because I cannot decide what to have in a flash. With 20 options for appetizers and and 10 for mains it is not an easy choice to make.

Sliced baguette and salmon rillette to start. This place is serious about seafood.

Warm Octopus “Carpaccio”; Leek Compote, Peruvian Anticucho Sauce
I liked my choice of octopus. I always liked octopus when it’s done properly, and it will be tender and not rubbery.

Layers of Thinly Pounded Yellowfin Tuna; Foie Gras and Toasted Baguette, Shaved Chives and Extra Virgin Olive Oil

I think this is a a popular choice. The foie gras is hidden below the layer of tuna. See that little bump there in the middle?

Pan Roasted Lobster; Baby Leeks, Sunchoke Purée, Red Wine “Sauce Américaine” ($15 Supplement)

Barely Cooked Scottish Salmon; Asparagus, Peas and Fava Beans, Chervil Emulsion
I wouldn’t normally order salmon when I have so many other uncommon fishes to try but since the menu mentioned ‘Barely Cooked’, I just had to try. Not many places especially in Singapore can you find cooked salmon that is not overcooked.

Caramelized Phyllo, Thyme Gelée, Salted Milk Chocolate Ice Cream

Roasted Pineapple, Guava Jam, Yuzu-Coconut Sorbet
Generally I did enjoy my food here but nothing in particular blew me away. It just wasn’t that outstanding (in the unique way) compared to Jean-Georges. I felt that the cooking here was somewhat traditional and simple but done to perfection, rather than experimenting with new methods. Perhaps I could have chosen more interesting options since there’s so many I missed out on. That said, I wish I could return and try something else next time!
155 W 51st St, New York, NY 10019, United States



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