Summer 2014 – Paris

This is my second time in Paris within a frame of a year and so I made it a point to visit the sights I missed out on previously.

Day 1 – 6th June 2014

My first day here was a Friday and on Fridays they offer free entry to the Louvre for youths 26 and under from 6pm – 9:45pm.

The queue to the Louvre is notoriously long, with long lines at the street level. However, with a stroke of luck, we entered the Louvre via another entrance which nobody anticipated. It was like… oh I’m already inside. The queue on the street level was for the security checks and the museum entrance or ticketing is another issue. There’s actually more than one security check points so do find out!

You can’t say you’ve been here without seeing this. I am not interested in arts and museums so this will do.

Honestly I do not get the hype about the triangle. I find that the grandeur of the museum interior is what’s worth looking at. But since it’s a triangle, I can do a triangle pose (yoga).

Day 2 – 7th June 2014

The attraction today was the Notre Dame Cathedral. Randomly joined a line and I didn’t even realised that it was for going up. Had to climb countless spiral steps to get all the way up, buy tickets at the ticketing booth somewhere midway, and continue climbing. This is definitely not for those with accessibility problem.

Eiffel Towe

Sacré-Cœur and the elevated Montmartre in the background.

River Seine. This part was towards the west which is towards La Défense, a major business district of the Paris Metropolitan Area.

Entry to the cathedral is actually free and the queue was long but fast moving. Only security checks was involved.

Made a trip to Galleries Lafayette for shopping and macarons.

Day 3 – 8th June 2014

Sunday is an rest day for many establishments in Paris so it’s best to go to Versailles since it’ll take a long day.

Bought croissant from a bakery near my apartment and it was SO GOOD!

Getting to Versailles isn’t difficult. The palace is just within walking distance from the RER train station.

When visiting the gardens, I highly recommend not taking the mini tram thingy. The line was not long but it moved extremely slowly (more than 1h). The drivers went on long breaks each time and efficiency was just so poor. Walking is the only way to go.

Went to check out the Eiffel tower at night and it’s like the biggest decorative object in the world.

Day 4 – 9th June 2014

It was the last full day already and the last chance to see the Eiffel tower with flickering lights. We found out that it goes off every hour from 10pm and lasts for about a minute.

Unfortunately, sunset was rather late because it’s summer so my glimpse of it wasn’t with the best sky colour. It’s still beautiful anyway!

Day 5 – 10th June 2014

Last day in Paris! The last touristy thing to do was to take a river cruise on River Seine. It was quite a nice leisurely experience and our boat was filled with toddlers. They squealed each time the boat went under a bridge and that happened at least 10 times throughout the ride! It was really interesting.

Again, I did not manage to ascend the Eiffel Tower because tickets needs to be booked online much earlier than I expected. But that’s alright, because I know I’ll be back again in no time.


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