Nice – L’Univers de Christian Plumail

I found out about this place via the Michelin Guide, the only guide book that had never failed me. This restaurant was award with 1 star and with that rating you can expect decent food. I was not really expecting to eat much in this area because Paris would generally have better restaurants.

The set up of the restaurant looks quite traditional and somewhat dated, like it hasn’t been updated for a decade. Throughout lunch I noticed that other patrons were mostly senior citizens, probably retired and spending summer in Nice. That’s a good sign, because it shows that this restaurant has a reputation good enough to keep old customers coming back.

As usual, the menu is only available in French. For €23 you get 2 courses. Dessert comes at €9 additional.

Confit de lapereau au romarin, bouquet de mesclun

Confit of rabbit with rosemary and mixed leaves

This is my second time seeing rabbit on a restaurant menu and I’m still not quite a fan.

Ou Saumon cru mariné aux agrumes, crème légère à la ciboulette

Raw salmon marinated with citrus, light cream with chives

I liked my choice more. Good old salmon can never go wrong.

Bûchette de colin aux mange tour, beurre à l’estragon

Pollock with tarragon butter

Even though there’s butter involved, this should be the healthier low carb option with lots of protein and vegetables.

Ou merlan à l’anglaise, riz Thai aux légumes

Breaded whiting fish with Thai rice and vegetables

This was my choice for the main and I loved it! It’s the French Riviera so seafood is the way to go. The fish was slightly crispy and it just went well with the rice. It’s like eating Asian food, but better.

Ou Profitéroles chocolat, glace vanille

Chocolate cream puff with vanilla ice cream

Among the 3 desserts, this was the obvious choice for me. I am never a fruit person and to me desserts must be something rich and creamy to be considered. Sour and tangy is not my thing. Besides, I really should be having more cream puffs since I’m in France. I’m glad we took just 1 dessert to share because the portion is quite big.

This was easily my favourite meal in Nice, because the other restaurants were just random and weren’t really good. A good choice if you care about food want something decent.

54 Boulevard Jean Jaurès, 06300, Nice, France

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