Anti:dote – Dinner

Anti:dote is a relatively new establishment which took over the space of the previous bar at Fairmont Hotel. I have not been to the previous one so I cannot comment on the difference, but this place is still very much a bar rather than a restaurant.

However, they serve really good food so do not be fooled by the facade! They have a bar menu with a variety of bar bites, mainly tapas and it is a rare thing that the food is good because most bars serve half heartedly prepared food like spam fries or frozen nuggets. Ironically, I did not get any drinks despite them having an extensive bar menu. The place was very empty on a Sunday night, typical of most bars I guess. It made my dinner feel exclusive and private, which of course, is good for me. The service was also good that night and the server explained every dish served to us.

They serve normal pizza, like something you order from Pizza Hut………


…. NOT!

Crisp parmesan pizza, olive oil caviar, powdered tomato, pesto, basil cress – $12.00++

This was the most outstanding item and also the one I looked forward to the most. The pizza base was actually made of parmesan, so there’s no dough involved. It wasn’t just a work of molecular gastronomy here but it actually tasted good. The flavours were mostly like regular pizza – tomato, cheese, basil, but deconstructed to give a different texture.

If you are here just for drinks and want to order just one bar bite, get this one.

Hokkaido scallop tartar, peanut tofu, chilled tom yum broth – $16.00++

This one is pretty unique thanks to the tom yum broth. I have never tried peanut tofu in tom yum broth and it was a refreshing combination. The scallops weren’t really the star I feel, but overall it made a good appetizer.

Scrambled egg, sea urchin, asparagus, Sturgeon caviar – $24.00++

A mother of pearl spoon was provided because that’s the only way to have caviar without altering the taste, but I couldn’t photograph it in because it doesn’t look good placing it around. The eggs were scrambled to perfection which will put all hipster cafes to shame but I feel that the eggs overpowered everything else. The sea urchin did not stand out at all and neither did the caviar. It was not bad, really, not at all, but this dish paled in comparison to the other wonderful tapas!

Roasted bell peppers, pistachio cream, thyme crostinis – $8.00++

I love bell peppers and eat almost everyday! (Check out my Facebook to see what I have for lunch and follow me there)

I’ve never prepared it this way before though – it brought out the spiciness and the pistachio cream served to mute it down. The thyme crostinis were addictive on it’s own.

Caramelised foie gras, vinegar glazed leeks, crisp puff pastry – $18.00++

I ate it in one mouth and I felt that the foie gras taste wasn’t too strong, probably mellowed by the vinegar glazed leek which had a strong taste and the puff pastry. It was quite unique in my opinion.

Baked chocolate mousse, hazelnut praline, pear sorbet, capovilla eau de vie – $12.00++

With such exciting tapas, of course I had to check out the desserts. They had 3 options and it was hard to pick just one. The combination of chocolate and pear sorbet was perfect. Chocolate actually pairs really well with pear, and this is my second time trying this combination, first time being a chocolate pear cake at OTTO. The chocolate mousse was only solid on the surface but inside it was gooey and soft, somewhat like a molten lava cake – but better.

I will definitely return again and aim to try everything on their menu! This menu is only available from 6pm but the good thing is it closes really late so it’s a perfect spot for a late dinner. I can’t wait to try their high tea too!

Feed at Raffles (comes with Amex cards as well) members get 20% off everything here so it’s quite worth it if you have that! The above was just enough for 2 and cost $42 per person after the discount, which is very reasonable and value for money based on the quality!


Ambiance: 8.5/10
Food: 9/10
Value: 8/10
Overall: I love this place. 


Level 1, Fairmont Singapore
80 Bras Basah Road
Singapore 189560
Tel: 64315315


Daily – 7.30am to 11am

Daily – 12pm to 2.30pm

Afternoon Tea:
Daily – 3pm to 5pm

Daily – 5pm to 2am

Monday to Friday – 6pm to 11pm
Saturday, Sunday and Eve of Public Holidays – 6pm to 12.30am


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