Truffle Gourmet – Lunch

I have been keen on trying this place ever since I heard about this at the beginning of the year. Truffle Gourmet obviously specialises in truffle related dishes and the only other restaurant I know of which does this is Casa Tartufo, located nearby too. Apparently, Truffle Gourmet has presence in Italy too, with 4 restaurants in the world.

For restaurant week, a 3 course lunch designed especially for this occasion costs $35.00++. The courses are all fixed with no options. The normal menu was provided too and diners could opt for ala carte options instead. As it is the exciting time of the year again, Winter White Truffle is in season and a special white truffle menu was available too. In order to have more variety, we decided to share one set of restaurant week lunch and a dish from the white truffle menu.

Fresh Burrata Cheese served with seasonal salad and San Maurizio Truffle Anchovies

The burrata was very soft and tasted lovely. I bet non cheese lovers will like this too. The truffle taste was subtly imparted to the cheese and though mild, it was still detectable. It was a good balance in my opinion, with neither the truffle taste nor cheese overpowering each other. I am not sure whether this is available normally but they better do have it because it is good.

Handmade pasta with white truffle – $38.00++

The price includes 1g of shaved white truffle. Each gram costs $10.00++ should you need more. The pasta was simple but it should be kept that way because the white truffles shavings are the star. It’s good to have white truffle once a year.

Home made Tortellini stuffed with Ricotta Cheese served with Duck sausage, Duck Breast and 80% Dark Chocolate Sauce

Somehow chocolate sauce in savoury main courses seems to be the trend right now judging from the menus I’ve been provided with this restaurant week.

Black truffle was shaved over this dish. Nothing else was truffle infused here. Individually the items tasted fine – I liked the duck breast most and the tortellini was fresh like how handmade tortellini should be. However, I don’t see how these items come together as a dish. The duck sausage was kind of redundant. I probably could enjoy it as just duck breast with black truffle shavings or tortellini with black truffle shavings.

Truffle Gourmet Chocolate Tart served with Black Truffle Cream

It is not my first time having truffle flavoured dessert – I’ve had white truffle gelato before and it worked out well in the sweet cream, so I was really looking forward to see how good the dessert would turn out. This was more like a chocolate torte than a tart in my opinion. The chocolate was rich and dense and it was good chocolate. The cream had distinctive truffle flavour and interestingly it went very well with the chocolate tart! I was pleased with this dessert.

This restaurant is one of the few places that has interesting truffle creations so truffle lovers may like to check this place out. The appetizer and dessert fared better than the main course in my opinion. I am not sure whether all items in the menu really involve truffles but if you’re here you better only order truffle related items.


Ambiance: 7.5/10
Food: 7.5/10
Value: 7/10
Overall: Not the best Italian food but with truffles everything tastes better.


49 Club St
Singapore 069426
Tel: 62225996


Mon – Fri:
12:00 – 14:30
18:00 – 00:00
18:00 – 00:00

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