Taichung – Chun Shui Tang Cultural Tea House 春水堂

Chun Shui Tang (春水堂) is a famous teahouse in Taiwan with around 40 outlets all over the country. The one I patronised was actually in Tao Yuan near the airport, but the original shop is located in Taichung so this is pretty much a Taichung specialty. This teahouse is famous because it was the pioneer of Pearl Milk Tea, the drink which is synonymous with Taiwan and took Singapore by storm during the millennium era.

This is an actual teahouse which serves traditional Chinese tea and food, aside from the bubble tea menu. The food is actually quite good and is worth trying if you wish to have a local feel meal.

珍珠奶茶 – NT75

Of course I had to try their signature drink, the pearl milk tea. I personally think that the Tie Guan Yin Pearl Milk Tea was better than the normal black tea version. The taste of the milk tea was great and so were the tapioca pearls, which were softer than the mass produced sort. The Chun Shui Tang Tie Guan Yin Pearl Milk Tea has officially replaced Koi’s Oolong Milk Tea as my favourite pearl milk tea drink!

功夫麵 – NT70

The special part of this noodles lies in the minced meat sauce and when all mixed up with the handmade noodles it tasted pretty good. It’s one of their signature dishes here.

御品牛肉麵 – NT70

It would’ve been a shame if I returned from Taiwan and not have beef noodles so I am really glad they served it at Chun Shui Tang. I was pleasantly surprised that this bowl of noodles was very tasty and I could easily drink up the flavourful broth and devour everything.

雙拼燒賣 – NT125

招牌滷味豆干米血 – NT115

Even though this is a signature dish, I didn’t quite like the flavor. It was a taste too unfamiliar for me to feel comfortable eating this.

炸山根甜不辣 – NT60

Fried burdork tempura is a famous Taiwanese dish so I had to get it.

招牌蘿蔔糕 – NT70

I am not a fan of turnip cakes as it often disappoints me but this one was very good in my opinion. The exterior was crispy and the interior was soft but not mushy.

龍井四神湯 – NT130

I randomly ordered this soup because I’ve near heard of soup using tea leaves. There were a few traces of long jing leaves in the soup giving it a slight tea flavor but most of the flavor comes from the other ingredients and the overall taste was somewhat herbal.

If you realize, the most of the food actually costs less than a cup of pearl milk tea. The bowl of beef noodles actually costs less than S$3?! You can rarely even find hawker food for less than $3 in Singapore nowadays. And I must add that Chun Shui Tang is a restaurant in a mall, not just a random roadside stall. Actually, some street stalls in Fengjia Night Market charges more than NT70 for a portion of their food. Chun Shui Tang is really an inexpensive yet delicious dining option which I’ll highly recommend.

No. 30, Siwei St, West District, Taichung City, Taiwan 403

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