Anti:dote – Dinner

Just last week I had a good experience with tapas at FOC restaurant. It reminded me of Anti:dote, the only other tapas place which satisfied me in Singapore, so now I am back to try other items on the menu!

Sully’s oysters, cucumber, horseradish cream, passion fruit jelly – $16.00++

Oysters tastes good on their own so I wasn’t expecting any creation too fancy about tapas featuring oysters. This was good.

Clam sphere, crispy bacon, parsley oil – $14.00++

This is deconstructed and there isn’t actually a whole clam inside. The broth that is contained within the spherical skin has distinct clam taste though. Quite interesting, though it’s more for the sensory experience rather to anything substantial to fill. It reminds me of the molecular xiao long bao from Bo Innovation.


Crispy suckling pig, cherry and miso caramel, sherry-soaked cherries – $16.00++

This was good. Usually such pork only tastes good in Cantonese Chinese restaurants and are not so fantastic in European cuisine but this actually worked and the combination was interesting and paired fairly well.

Paleta Iberica de bellota, Italian burrata, basil, tomato essence shabu-shabu – $18.00++

Usually Iberico ham and burrata already is a good combination but this is a more interesting version. The foam broth in the cups are somewhat like gazpacho (it’s cold) and to eat you can just dunk everything into the tomato foam broth to get the mix of flavours. The ingredients used were of good quality and the bread was very crispy but this isn’t my favourite dish of the night because the others were better in comparison.

Black truffle bao, braised veal cheek, foie gras, caramelised shallot with Madeira – $20.00++

This is very good. For $10 a bun it is probably going to be the most luxurious bao you can find but it’s really special. The truffle taste was distinct and the veal cheek filling was tender and flavourful.

Crisp parmesan pizza, olive oil caviar, powdered tomato, pesto, basil cress – $12.00++

I kinda regretted ordering this because I’ve already tried it before, even though it is really good in my opinion. This just means that I’ll have to return again to try everything else on the menu!

For my previous post on Anti:dote:


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