Pan Pacific Orchard – High Tea

I had high tea vouchers for Pan Pacific Orchard so I brought some friends along for high tea on a rainy Sunday afternoon.

I do not expect much from high teas actually, because the food can’t be that good. However, it is the whole experience which matters. It’s a time to slow down your pace and enjoy the whole afternoon in the comfort of nice ambiance. Ambiance is very important, or else there’s no point. It has to be relaxing – think spacious, high ceilings, ample light, comfortable chair which feels like a throne you can sit in all day, live music (or at very least, the lack of noise) and polite service.

Ambiance wise, Pan Pacific Orchard was not too grand but they met the basic requirements as listed above. The place was not filled up hence it was quite peaceful. The high tea area was simply near the lobby but it did not feel too exposed to me. They had a live pianist which played really well in my opinion and this added a lot of points to the overall experience.

Here are some of the items from the buffet spread. It was a small spread but sufficient. Usually hotel buffet cakes do not really taste good so I recommend just getting more fruits. They had a variety of cut fruits which I had multiple servings of.

Christmas was approaching, hence Yule Log cake was available. They also had a roast station of Christmas ham which in my opinion was just for show.

There’s an ala carte buffet menu of some Malaysian dishes as well as scones. This is free flow but has to be ordered through the waiter. Here is the salmon with chili, Penang Laksa and prawn mee. All were pretty decent and better in quality than the buffet spread.

Char Kway Teow was also on the ala carte buffet menu. This looks like Malaysian style to me. It was decent as well.

Somewhere halfway through our session the 3 tier set was delivered to us, so I suppose this is part of it. No high tea is complete without a pretty 3 tier cake stand. Here we have parma ham and rock melon, finger sandwiches, chocolates and macarons. These are more pleasing to the eye than the palate, as expected but I’m glad they included something like this to complete the experience. The macarons were pistachio flavoured and honestly I thought they were good.

Ordered scones from the ala carte buffet menu because high tea is all about eating scones. They have charcoal scones if you want something creative.

The scones weren’t fantastic in my opinion and the absence of clotted cream was a disappointment. They provided whipped cream instead and it is absolutely not the same. Scones must only go with clotted cream or nothing at all.

Overall the high tea did not fall below expectations (which in the first place, was not high – no pun intended) and it is a good experience every now and then to simply laze away an afternoon like that in Orchard Road but away from the massive year end crowd of Orchard Road.

Ambiance: 7.5/10
Food: 6.5/10
Value: 7/10
Overall: If you’re paying for the experience rather than the food, this place is pretty decent.
Pan Pacific Orchard, Singapore
10 Claymore Road,
Singapore 229540
Tel: 68316685
Gourmet High Tea Selection –
2:00pm to 5:00pm

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