Tatsu Teppanyaki – Dinner

Teppanyaki may not be my favourite kind of meal but once in a while I do feel like having it. It has been losing popularity in Singapore and there are only a few places I know of which serves Teppanyaki. In Japan it is still popular and usually you get the best wagyu beef served in Teppanyaki restaurants. Or at least, that was where I had my Kobe beef and Hida beef.

One of them is Tatsu, which I have tried before at CHIJMES several years ago. They now have an outlet at Asia Square which I decided to check out today. I had no idea what I wanted so I went ahead with the set menu for $68.00++.


A simple refreshing salad to start.

Salmon with sauce in foil

The salmon was too cooked for my liking but egg sauce was nice enough to cover the shortcomings.

King Prawn

This was cooked with some mayo sauce and initially I was disappointed because I do not like mayo, but this mayo is different! The sauce had some other flavour which went really well with the prawns, which were fresh and crunchy. This is my favourite item from the course dinner.


For the $68 course dinner, you can choose either beef or chicken. The beef isn’t the best out there, but will do. It’s hard to have beef comparable to those I had from Teppanyaki experiences in Japan anyway!

Assorted vegetables

Garlic Fried Rice


The food here was not exceptional but was decent enough for me to enjoy the experience. It is fun to have Teppanyaki once in a while.


Ambiance: 7/10
Food: 7/10
Value: 7/10
Overall: A not bad teppanyaki restaurant.


Asia Square Tower 2
12 Marina View
Singapore 187996

Tel: 68449855


Mon – Sat:
11:30am –2:30pm



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